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Hi guys! I know I'm a bad example for a token estrogen american.

All the hopes I had of this year being better kind of went out the window and it's work work work and more work. BUT, the good news is now I"m working toward something and not just to support my lazy daughter. YAY ME! ok, bad news I still don't have any time for knitting, good news is I get to give up both my weekend job and the part time during the week. WOO HOO! That means I am down to 1 job only and took a much needed day off from that today. :)

I am hoping that starting mid July I'll be all settled in my new home in.....drumroll please......GERMANY woohoo! and able to get back to knitting and spending time with my guys. OH MY GOD. you don't know how much I miss you all and I think about you all often. Especially when I need a good laugh. I searched through the site and seen all the beautiful work you have all been doing and I really envy the talent you all possess. And so many new guys!
*waves wildly at the new guys* Welcome!

There is alot that I can't take with me to Germany and one of the things that I can't take and it is just breaking my heart is my spinning wheel. I thought about selling it on Ebay, but I'm greedy and wanted someone to have it that would take care of it knowing how hard it is for me to give it up.

If there is someone in Michigan who is willing to pick it up I'd be happy for you to have it. If you can't pick it up then I would ask you to pay the shipping on it. I REALLY hate to do that. But with the move I really have to watch my finances. If more than one person responds I'll be drawing names out of a hat.

So I have a bit more time in the next weeks but have alot of packing and such to do. In any case I have a bit more time to come and at least see what you are all up to.

Love you all!


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Germany? Gott in Himmel!

Germany? Gott in Himmel! Europe won't know what hit it! Hope all goes smoothly, that you are happy there, and that you get your lazy ass back on line. Mega hugs!

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Shhhhh, they don't know

Shhhhh, they don't know about my plans to become the new ruler! Heil MWK's Token Estrogen American! ok that doesn't really have a nice ring to it :/

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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GREAT to hear from

GREAT to hear from you!!
...hope the move goes well...

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can you tell us a little

can you tell us a little about your wheel? what kind/condition/photos? :) I'm sure some fiber guy will want it :)


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I'm clearing out the craft

I'm clearing out the craft area today and hopefully by the weekend I can have pictures taken of it in all it's beautiful glory ^^ I was told it is a used older model ashford traditional. Being an old woodworker I can see that it has been re-stained. it spins smoothly, like buttah! I have to give it a good once over then I can tell you if there are any major dings or scratches but I'm pretty sure not. But I'll do my best to get up some pictures for you boys tomorrow.
My only wish is the person who takes it, enjoys it as much as I have.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American