Old Man Sweater.

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It's a heavily modified Kyle Sweater http://berroco.com/exclusives/kyle/kyle.html

I wanted a cardigan not a pullover

and I wanted three pieces to knit instead of five.

It's oversized, comfortable, and just what I was envisioning for knitting on the porch on a chilly day.

Size 10 Needles, double strands of rough spun silk.


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Very nice knitting. I

Very nice knitting. I should show this to my friend who wants me to design a cardigan for her husband. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I love it!

I love it!

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Definitely a cozy sweater, I

Definitely a cozy sweater, I see snow through the window and brandy in the snifter.

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I don't think it looks like

I don't think it looks like an old man. Let's just say it a shawl collared classic which makes it timeless! Hows that? I really like the color too, looks like it will be nice with just about whatever you might have on. It's beautiful!

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I prefer "classic style

I prefer "classic style sweater"...actually this is quite a rich and beautiful use of bulky yarn. It might be interesting to see you where this sweater in public with the oh-so-trendy Jared Flood hat you just posted...classic below, trendy on top...it'll confuse the crap out of the fashionistas.

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looks perfect to me... I am

looks perfect to me... I am quite often accused of wearing "old man" sweaters... and I like the "Kyle" sweater (not only because of it's name) and really like this version as well!

great job!!


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Very handsome! ...I'm an old

Very handsome!
...I'm an old man...better knit myself one...LOL

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It looks very comfy.

It looks very comfy.