belated hello

I actually joined a while ago but got lost in the two socks at a time. They are done and the recipient is thrilled. Can't wait to try some of the amazing things I see you doing.


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Hi and Welcome. Glad to

Hi and Welcome. Glad to hear the socks were great. We are a grand bunch of knitters of the male gender (along with a few ladies to say we aren't sexist/exclusionist :-)). Hope you enjoy yourself. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lost in two socks at a time;

Lost in two socks at a time; there must be some sort of Hiesenerg principle at work, because you wouldn't be able to occupy two spaces at the same time.

Welcome to MWK.

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I installed a Heisenberg

I installed a Heisenberg Compensator to resolve the quantum mechanical dissolution gradient inherent in all reconstructed matter-energy conversions. But I still get scratched by Schrodinger's Cat...the sly puss, whenever I get lost in two socks, because they're already finished before I start. Gotta love it!

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Welcome! As for getting

Welcome! As for getting lost in your socks, I suggest leaving a trail of breadcrumbs- works for me.

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Well, welcome! Soon or

Well, welcome! Soon or later, it is always good to hear from new members. Where are pics of these aforementioned socks?