Felted Knit Bowls - Patterns?

Looking for patterns for felted bowls.



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Spin-Off magazine (summer

Spin-Off magazine (summer 2003) had an article on doing felted bowls out of unspun roving, but you can use several yarns that will felt.  Also, check these:


http://www.deastrega.com/spinjenny/archives/2004_01.html Jan 10 entry

http://sassyknitter.blogspot.com/2005/07/tisket-felted-basket.html large bowl

http://www.klynchdesigns.com/page44.html wine cosy

Or just do a pillbox shaped hat or any beanie hat, and felt it! 

Noble Yarns has a pattern

Noble Yarns has a pattern P532 Felted Vases $5 for the pattern & $5 shipping 


Knit away, knit away

Here's a link to a recently

Here's a link to a recently published pattern:





Not sure how big you want

Not sure how big you want the bowls, but there's a pattern on Knitty for some small felted bowls for a Mancala game. Check it out here.

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Knit Picks has a pattern on

Knit Picks has a pattern on their web site using their sock yarn.  I also saw one in the book One Skein: 30 Quick Projects.

I'm guessing an isoceles

I'm guessing an isoceles triangle, a shallow one. Seam it up along the two equal sides and you should be able to mold it nicely over a bowl as it dries. Decorative stitching would be a breeze to work in.