A Knitting Retreat in Ancient Greece, now Patara, Turkey

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A knitting retreat could be fun to contemplate ... admittedly it is a long way from most but ... it has interest on it's side... Ancient Greece, 18 km beach, wonderful Turkish cuisine... and cheap... at less than $20/night...

Can you imagine frollicking in the sand dunes butt naked...

Knitting in the evening under the canopies of an open air restaurant.

Food that defies description ... suffice to say, I always eat well when I am there.

The retreat is located in a small village, it has bars and restaurants and hardly any tourists, yes... it is set up for tourists but ... not many know about it. When I go there usually there might be half a dozen tourists there in the whole village... bliss.

I hope the pics don't offend anyone...

But seriously ... Patara is beautiful and ... worth considering as a location for a retreat some time. Best time is probably first week of August... when Rick and I will be there... it will be hot ... but then there is a lot of water to cool yourself down in.

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Well you never know... ok

Well you never know... ok this year it's a little late but by next year... a few guys might like to come over... I'll post a few more places, places of interest to whet the appetite of everyone and will just see what happens. Certainly there is a bit of interest, a year for the idea to ferment...and just see what happens :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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I've never been to Turkey...

I've never been to Turkey... and until the country hosts a same-sex ballroom and latin dancing competition a knitting retreat is a really good alternative excuse for me to come visit!

Plus you've made it sound wonderful!

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all i know of love, is love

all i know of love, is love is all there is

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A little single-malt is nice

A little single-malt is nice as well.

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I completely agree.

I completely agree.

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How true...how true. --

How true...how true. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Keep me posted. I'll be in

Keep me posted. I'll be in Iraq in July and Lebanon in August. Turkey's not that far away!

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Wow there are great places

Wow there are great places to see there too... and Syria is worth a look in too... it is amazing the history around this region...
You can even drive a car from Iraq to Turkey it is so close... but I wouldn't... Eastern Turkey is a bit scary. Fly in to Istanbul and have dinner with Rick and I instead.

Istanbul, Turkey

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I'm actually working in Iraq

I'm actually working in Iraq and Lebanon. My schedule isn't finalized, but it looks like I'll have 10 days off at the end of July. I'm either going to have to stay in Iraq or get out as soon as my work is finished. They're having a national election on July 25 and will shut down the borders a few days before. I may get some work in Kabul or head on to Lebanon, but who knows . . . maybe a few days in Turkey would be fun!

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Rick, If some of the guys

If some of the guys are feeling adventurous and want more excitement than what is offered in amongst the sand dunes, they can go to Kas, there they can go scuba diving or snorkling amongst the sunken city. Then hang out in Kalkan for the street cafes and bars and wonderful restaurants.
For the history buffs, they can go and visit the birthplace of Father Christmas, the city where he was the bishop, yes Santa was a bishop in Myre. Or for the hardcore history buffs, they can go to Ephesus and see the city that St Paul was kicked out of for preaching the gospel.
For the superChristians there is the double church of Mary. Lovely ... I tip toed through there... and found a little friend to take a few photos of me and enjoyed each others...company... sorry... xxx rated... so can't post them.
For the pagans, there is the largest ampitheatre in Ancient Greece in Ephesus as well that has been restored where you can see where the Christian were prepared before going out to meet their death by the lions...
What else would the boys like? I had fun in the hamam at Selcuk ... that's near to Ephesus... so after seeing all the temples and monuments erected by Cleopatra and friends, then they can get a scrub down and ... whatever else is up to them... can't garantee the same guy is on the shift though...:)
Now that would have to be a long retreat... and knitting between the action... if they have the energy...what else can Turkey offer I wonder???
Istanbul, Turkey

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Very interesting travel

Very interesting travel destinations. Can you tell us more?

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*****SIGH******* Wouldn't

*****SIGH******* Wouldn't it be loverly! Better put some sunscreen on, Cupcake. Interesting optical effect in the beach photo: it looks like your balls are hovering in the air above the sand.

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Sounds grand to me. But, as

Sounds grand to me. But, as I noted elsewhere, travel out of Wyoming is fairly expensive. Still, were funds available -and with plenty of preplanning - it would make a great trip/retreat. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.