mowing the lawn.

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Sonic and I mow the lawn together. She loves it. She would be wearing her little sweater i knit her but she ate it the second she had it on. I may try another with acrylic or some other bad tasting yarn next time.

I am till in my work clothes. Saw no reason to change just to mow the lawn


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I'm sure Sonic thought she

I'm sure Sonic thought she had just been given some fabulous nesting material and proceeded to process it. Great picture!!!

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Some of the recipients of my

Some of the recipients of my knitting consumed the fiber immediately as well...even though the nutrition label clearly indicates caution. I can't seem to find wool on the food pyramid, either. The FDA should be told, donchathink?

“There are those that do and those that don’t”
“Those that will and those that won’t”

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Maybe she misunderstood and

Maybe she misunderstood and thought the wool would warm her from the inside out. LOL Still, her colorway would make a grand looking sweater or afghan. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That is just toooooo

That is just toooooo funny,the positive way to look at it is......your knitting is looking good enough to eat lol. And work clothes are great for mowing lawns unless you are a fashion model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Too funny about the

Too funny about the sweater!!! I think I'll eat my knitting in public some day...

And Sonic's coloring... *adoring sigh* Yeah, let's call it a "colorway."

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That's one way to get extra

That's one way to get extra fiber in a macaw's diet I suppose. Knit sweaters, or snacks as the case may be. Who woulda thought? I know they're chewers, but sweaters?!!?


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That's great!

That's great!

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The picture is worth a

The picture is worth a thousand words. What a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing.

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That's adorable, she loves

That's adorable, she loves her daddy!


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What a sweet bird! The

What a sweet bird! The different shades of green in this photo inspire ideas.