not all doom and gloom

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Right guys! I have decided that QAL as beautiful as it is, just isn't for me, I keep messing things up, and it was taking me forever to get to the end of even the first chart, so that was a no go (I seem to have little patience these days)
However I did start on a cardigan. Everyone around me thinks I am this total idiot because of me knitting while the weather is balmy and nice, but I say 'screw them, they'll understand when winter comes back' anyway, here's a few pics, not much to see yet but then I did only start 2 days ago.

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Just finished up a holiday

Just finished up a holiday weekend here yesterday : gorgeous weather, and some say the unofficial start of summer. I spent a major chunk of it knitting! (At least I was sitting next to an open window, does that count as outdoor activity? lol!) I echo your sentiments: knitting has no "season."

As to your work? I could only imagine to approach that level of this art.

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Wow, that's just incredible!

Wow, that's just incredible!

Don't worry about the QAL, really. I think it's great how different types of projects and different types of knitting techniques appeal to different people. Myself, I have tried the stranded colorwork before and just could not wrap my mind or my big fumbling fingers around it. Every attempt was an utter disaster! Yet I can look at a lace pattern, read through it and quicklly get an idea of what's going on, start it and usually crank out a good bit of it in a relatively short amount of time too!

Hooray for diversity among knitters!

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Truely beautiful work Jason

Truely beautiful work Jason

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Two days! I can not even

Two days! I can not even find time in the day to read all the posts on MWK, let alone work on something that beautiful.

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Wow! You've made the back


You've made the back side almost as pretty as the front!

Gorgeous work!!

I do have to admit, though, that I am still more impressed by the performance of Mahler's 5th. :-)

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Gorgeous...Simply Gorgeous.

Gorgeous...Simply Gorgeous. I've yet to do colorwork as daring as that. Hmmm...maybe as I guru my friend Lynn through the cardigan she wants to knit for her husband. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Jason, you are amazing, you

Jason, you are amazing, you couldn't get your head around QAL but then you turn around with this amazingly beautiful colour work. It really is to delicious for words. My greatest admiration to you.

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I've been tossing around

I've been tossing around colorwork ideas for a long time and this reminds me of what I've been visualizing. I love the ideas of different colors combined to create the illusion of a gradient. I think this looks amazing by creating two different blends between the foreground and background. Can't wait to see more pics as it grows! This is an inspiration and thanks for sharing.

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It would have taken me 2

It would have taken me 2 days to just do the ribbing in that small of a gauge! GREAT work, Jason!!


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I admire anyone who can do

I admire anyone who can do great color work like that. I just don't have the skill for it...I want to pull everything tight!

Very pretty

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Well I am Impressed! I can't

Well I am Impressed!

I can't believe how well you weave the colours to create something that looks more like a painting than a knit piece. Incredible. And I half expect your response to questions about pattern to be, "I kind of made it up while I went along." :-) Thanks so much for posting the pic. - Phil

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That is absolutely gorgeous!

That is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a beautiful sunset.


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Yum, I'm craving color

Yum, I'm craving color today; this fills the bill! What is this yarn, what weight and needle size please. The motif has a Middle East feel to it- what is it called?

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Well the pattern certainly

Well the pattern certainly is not Middle Eastern, it is, as someone allready mentioned, Swedish, I can't really remember the name right now, I am doing this by heart, as I knit most of my things, I seem to have this gift for memorizing patterns.

It's handspun sheepswool, 50 grams, knit on european number 2 needles, the company I bought it from dyes it to order, so in a way it's great. but colours do tend to differ slightly

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Nice work! The pattern

Nice work! The pattern reminds me of those by Solveigh Hisdal. I think she's Norwegian and not Swedish.

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Not sure what that one is,

Not sure what that one is, but it reminded me very much of some Swedish work, have a look at this link:
And Jason it looks great.

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Love the colors and pattern.

Love the colors and pattern. I think you have done a lot in two days. Great job.