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I will be in NYC for a few days . . . any LYS that New Yorkers can recomment to visit?

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When I was in the Big City

When I was in the Big City last October, I found I was near a great store on Amsterdam and 108th. (The name slips me - but I found it mentioned on a NY blog.) Based on the photos, it is fantastic. Heard good things about Knitty City, too. Hope you have fun hunting the Elusive Stash. It was a good thing I never made it to either of them; I would've needed another suitcase to get home. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My favorite LYS in NYC is

My favorite LYS in NYC is Seaport Yarn on lower Broadway, not far from the WTC and next door to Century 21 Department Store. They have a really large selection and lots of friendly advice.

I was their yesterday and picked up some hanks of Peruvian yarn!

Purl in Soho is cute

Purl in Soho is cute --

I thought the selection at Seaport Yarns (close to Wall St...?) was rather extensive --

But I think the only place that I actually bought yarn from was Gotta Knit! -- close to the Empire State Building, I think --

Have fun, and don't spend too much! :)

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I also frequent School

I also frequent School Products, they have some interesting yarns and the full line of Karabella yarns.

School Products Website

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Here are a few: The Yarn

Here are a few:

The Yarn Company
Lion Brand Studio (it is soooo cool)
Down Town Yarns
Knitty City