My humble comfort square offering

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Meh. It's not much... The picture's lousy, but it's a zig-zag rib pattern.


What a great idea! I was

What a great idea! I was looking for something totally reversable (and therefore also lays flat), but could only think of a boring seed stitch. You're a genius!

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LOL Thanks, but my "genius"

LOL Thanks, but my "genius" is strictly attributed to my Harmony Guides. :-)

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Seed stitch boring?- au

Seed stitch boring?- au contraire, Mon Cher!

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It's a beautiful square...

It's a beautiful square... looks like something I'd want to curl up in for a nap. You did a great job.

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You guys are sweet. :-)

You guys are sweet. :-)

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It looks nice and comfy!

It looks nice and comfy!

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I like it. -----

I like it. ----- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's a great square, and it

It's a great square, and it will be one of many excellent pieces of this blanket:)

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I think it looks

I think it looks awesome!

Personally, I've always liked that gold colour; it reminds me of the colours of our kitchen back in the 70s -- trust me, it's a good thing.

As for or're putting into this just like so many of everyone here...and that's what counts.

I am loving this project so much. It's something common for each of the guys here to really share something of himself for something so good.

...and I'm REALLY loving seeing everyone post his square(s) so that everyone can see what's there.


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You said it- I recently

You said it- I recently replaced my refridgerator of that color (so you can guess how old it was) and my electricity bill has been halved.

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Golden Squirrel coloured. I

Golden Squirrel coloured.

I see the zigzag quite well. Beautiful!

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it's beautiful and perfect.

it's beautiful and perfect. THANK YOU!