Jason's squares

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I've made a total of 8 squares. The will go in the mail today. Here's one of my favorites. Over the course of this project, I have become very well acquainted with "Super Stitches Knitting" by Karen Hemingway. I highly recommend this book. It has a very extensive stitch dictionary.


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Very nice squares.

Very nice squares. -------- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This blanket is going to be

This blanket is going to be so toasty. I love these squares.

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Very nice... ...looks like

Very nice...

...looks like one of the designs from "200 Knitted Blocks"

I really like the colours.

Good job!


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fantastic! Kyle www.kylewilli



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Agreed!!!! It does look like

Agreed!!!! It does look like a flower bed, congradulations it is beautiful.

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Goregeous! Looks like a

Goregeous! Looks like a flowerbed.