Squares for Jason's Blanket

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Here are 2 more squares on the way :)
I really wanted to use Purly Man's pattern for squares on dpns, but the deadline is rapidly approaching, so I figured I'd better go with what I know best: crochet.
Of course I love to knit, but I'm just much slower at it than crocheting. I really appreciate being able to participate in this, and thanks to you Kyle for organizing it all for us!


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It's true, grannies are the

It's true, grannies are the reliable standby, and the sky's the limit as to their designs and colors. One other nice thing regarding this type of project is that they're fairly easy to make in the exact size that you want.
I've been loving all the squares coming from you guys, and it really serves to inspire:) As a matter of fact, I did actually start a knit square a-la Purly Man's pattern, but I wasn't happy with it, since the only set of five dpns I had were 10's, and I just didn't like what was happening. But at the same time I was attempting that, I came across an interesting toe-up sock pattern on Ravelry that I decided to casually cast on with a set of four #3 dpn's. I'm surprised to find that coming along quite nicely (pics to follow.) So, one thing leads to another, and who knows maybe I'll catch up to you guys some day:)

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I love granny squares, too!

I love granny squares, too! Not much more is as quaint, and as comforting with nostalgia.

Good job!

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Yes "granny's " are great

Yes "granny's " are great and can be so colourful. I have a pattern for a modern granny that I really like and have used it many times. I even thought of doing them for "Jason's" blanket but went with knitting as I am more comfortable in that area. Your squares are really nice and will add demention to the blanket!!!

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these are really cool...

these are really cool... nothing is better than granny squares (seriously!!) - I love 'em!