Clog-Along Anyone??

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A few of us guys around here namely, Warren, Luke, Gabriel and myself have decided to do a Clog-Along using Fiber Trends AC-33x pattern.  They're fast, easy and make a great gift for yourself or someone in that oh so up and comming Christmas season.

The plan is to start Monday June 17, and keep everyone abreast of our progress, problems and frustrations.  We'll keep the cussing for our PM's.  This is neither a contest nor a race merely a good ol' cyberspace knit-along.

So join us if you are interested.  We would love to have as many guys who want to knit these up to be involved.

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Pretty Please!Do you think

Pretty Please!

Do you think it would be out of line to ask someone to send me enough information to get the test swatches started?  Like I said in a previous post, I ordered the pattern today but I'd like to get started on Monday with everyone else.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehler?  Buehler?

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Rick, To be actually honest


To be actually honest with you,  and only speaking from my experience, really gauge is not the issue.  I have (this will be my 4th pair) knit the size closest to the finished shoe size I want.  Hence, I knit a size 11 and felted it down to a size 10 for myself.  I simply stop felting when the length of the foot is accomplished.

However the guage given is:

Unfelted ..  9sts=4"

Felted.. 12 sts=4"   and I don't know what the hell that means as you cannot ever in whosever creation count stitches once it's felted.

Take this as an opportunity to throw gauge out the window!!!!!!!!!!

Loved your PM this morning..... didn't realize so I shall pass it off as just contributing to the community. 


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I'm in!Just ordered the

I'm in!

Just ordered the pattern on-line.  Should be here by the end of the week.  I can't wait!

I've been buying up a bunch of Rowan Magpie yarn.  My partner's ex-wife scolded me for buying just 2 or 3 hanks at a time.  This should be the perfect project to prove her wrong (hehe)


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I have a question for those

I have a question for those of you who have already made a pair of these.

I'm using two colors of Cascade 220.  I bought two skeins of gold for the uppers and one skein of brown for the soles.  Am I going to have enough of both colors?  Or should I get another skein of brown?


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Great.  Thank, Lars.  I'll

Great.  Thank, Lars.  I'll have to stop by tomorrow on my way to Monday Night Knit.

I'm so impressed by how many people are signed up to do this!  This is so fantastic.

Hope you are all knitting blue squares, too!  Haha. 

John,I don't have my notes


I don't have my notes handy, but I think I bought 440 yds of each color to make the men's size 11 and ended up having to sew up the soles with small scraps that I retrieved from the trash.  I also came very close to using up all the yarn when making one of the women's sizes.  I'd definitely suggest buying more than the pattern suggests.


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Thanks Stuart.  I'm going

Thanks Stuart.  I'm going to get one more skein of the sole color.  I'm doing a smaller size, so hopefully that will be enough.

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I'm in as well. I've already

I'm in as well. I've already made a pair of these, on 13s with Cascade 220. I was planning on making a pair for my partner, already have the yarn and the pattern. Now I know what to pack when I go to Chicago for the Gay Games tomorrow!

Thanks for doing this!

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I am in as well.  I'm ready

I am in as well.  I'm ready for Monday!

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Warren  I'm going to cofess

Warren  I'm going to cofess to one of the knitting worlds big no-nos.  I did not do a gauge swatch on any of the three pair I have worked on.  I know, I know send me to knitters hell with an endless supply of acrylic!  I just knit to the size I want and felted it to size.  I haven't had a problem at all.

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I never do one.. ever.. for

I never do one.. ever.. for anything..

coz i'm punk rock!!!!!  or is that i'm just lazy....

I guess it depends on the day.

Anarchy in the LYS!!! Knit wools with cotton for seersucker effect!
I'll wash it however i want to!!!


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Too bad that acrylic won't

Too bad that acrylic won't rot in hell with you!  LOL.  I thought about just plowing forward with the 12.5 sts/inch I was getting on my 1st swatch, but I felt like I didn't have the experience to know where it was safe to add the length, and I was worried that the width would be too small as well if I didn't somehow cast on more stitches and adjust.  I'm just not experienced enough yet!

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I'll admit that I've got a

I'll admit that I've got a bit of a head-start since I'd started a day or two before the idea was fully hatched!  I've done my swatches, cast on and gotten the first two rows done.  But, I've stopped and won't pick it up until Monday.  (I have PLENTY of other projects to work on!).  I'm using Cascade 220 in a light brown for the MC and chocolate brown for the CC.  I've never felted before, so I"m pretty excited!

The response to this is GREAT! 

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Count me in. I am in the

Count me in. I am in the middle of my 1st pair, but i planned on doing a few anyway!

I'll just do the left of one pair and the right of another. or something

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I'm ready to try as well. 

I'm ready to try as well.  I will be sending for the pattern as soon as I know what type of yarn to use, Bulky, or very bulky or just plain worsted?

P.S.  Don't you wish they made yarn you could download!

The pattern calls for a

The pattern calls for a double strand of worsted weight yarn.  As Chris said, be sure it is something that will felt.

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Any worsted weight yarn

Any worsted weight yarn works. Natural, no acrylics.  They won't felt

Thanks, Chris

OK, count me in, I'll get my

OK, count me in, I'll get my supplies over the w/e ready to start Monday. It's the last week of summer camp next week then I'll be free........... 

Knit away, knit away

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Is this pattern appropriate

Is this pattern appropriate for a beginner like myself? 

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.
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Jeff, I think you could do


 I think you could do it based on what I've seen in some of your other postings.  You need to know how to do m1 increases and short rows (Wrap & Turns).  While these are easy enough in and of themselves, some of the rows combine these techniques, so it's pretty important to not be distracted or interrupted once you start on a row like that.  You also need to know how to do SSK and P2 decreases.  FInally, while a lot of it is back and forth knitting in rows, some of it is done in the round.

I say go for it!  The worse that can happen is you have to frog it and maybe get some help at your LYS.


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The pattern will be on it's

The pattern will be on it's way tomorrow. Wink

 I will buy the needles this weekend.  I think I'm going to use some yarn I got at a buy one get two free sale last weekend.  It's Nashua Wooly-Stripes.  The color is "Cognac" which is a mix of browns, blacks, and greys.  It's really beautiful stuff.

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I've been wanting to try

I've been wanting to try making these for some time now.  Just haven't gotten around to getting the pattern from the LYS.  I know I have plenty in my stash that I could use for them, so the pattern is my only hold up.  And since I am nearly done with 2 W.I.P., only need to weave in ends on my vest and sew on buttons for baby sweater, that keeps me in my goal to finish projects and use up stash.  So count me in.

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I'm in.  I bought the

I'm in.  I bought the pattern a couple of weeks ago and held off buying the yarn, but I'm on my way to the yarn store tonight.  Great idea!

I think I'm going to use Cascade 220.


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John,I'm using Cascade 220


I'm using Cascade 220 for mine.  When I did the swatch on US 13s, I wasn't even close to the approx 9 sts/inch guage.  Since those addi Turbos are a bit expensive, I tried the US 17s I already had and I was getting 10 sts/inch, which I'm hoping will be close enough.  I don't knit tightly, so I don't know whether the yarn is a lighter worsted or not.  (Still pretty new to all the variations in weights.) Thought I'd just let you know what I was finding!


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Thanks, Warren.  This is

Thanks, Warren.  This is good to know.  I DO knit pretty tightly...I was going to say 'to hell with the gauge swatch', but I might whip one up today.

Thanks for the info.

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John,If you end up doing a


If you end up doing a swatch, I'd sure like to know how your guage turned out.  If yours is about right, you'll have to give me a lesson in properly counting stitches!Embarassed


Sounds like fun. I've wanted

Sounds like fun. I've wanted to knit these up ever since you mentioned them, Chris.

I need suggestions for yarn tho. What are you guys using? 

I have had the pattern for

I have had the pattern for the clogs and the yarn sitting in my stash drawer for almost a year. Count me in.


Can we join in late?  I'd

Can we join in late?  I'd like to make some clogs for Christmas gifts, but it will take me some time to find out shoe sizes and color preferences and buy the yarn.  I've made these before, so I'd be glad to answer questions if anyone gets stuck.

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A lot of you have asked

A lot of you have asked where to get the pattern.  It should be available at most LYS's.  It is available online here or do a google on it and there are a ton of places to get ahold of it.

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response!

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Chris,Very cool!  Count me


Very cool!  Count me in. Is there a mail order place to get the pattern?