Queen Anne's Lace and other projects

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Here are some pictures of my queen anne's lace. Awesome project, Mmario! I wish I was more adept at blocking techniques, because I think if I had blocked it better, it would showcase the project a little better. Anywho, I love it, and it is currently living on my mom's couch. I gave it to her for mother's day.

In other news, I made a clutch purse for my friends 21st birthday. Once I get a chance, I will also post pictures of it on here. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I also began my first sweater. It's long past time for me to start it. I've gotten so fast at knitting that I have no excuse not to make one. I'm making the "Seamless Hybrid" from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "knitting without tears." Also, I'm making it per Jared Flood's directions with the contrasting color hems. So far it's a real fun project. I'm knitting it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. On my college boy budget, I don't get to knit with nice yarns too often, but I've become partial to the Alpaca very quickly. It's like butta. I will post pictures of its progress soon.


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This looks beautiful. One

This looks beautiful. One day I'll venture into lace territory...

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Go for it, and I suggest

Go for it, and I suggest starting with the queen annes lace. It's a bit like jumping in head first, but it's so worth it, and it is super fun.

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would it work with

would it work with mercerized cotton?

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yes, cotton will work, but

yes, cotton will work, but since it doesn't have as much "stretch" if you are making a shawl you will probably need to either use the "extension" instructions or go UP in needle size.

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Thanks! I'll keep it in

Thanks! I'll keep it in mind.

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Beautifully done! You have

Beautifully done! You have my admiration for your ability.

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Great job. Love it!

Great job. Love it!

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Excellent color choice on

Excellent color choice on this project. My first lace projects were all done with white crochet cotton and when I started branching out into colors, it made for much more interesting knitting.

Who couldn't just fall in love with a cute young red-head who knits lace...freakin' adorable.

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Why thank you :-) I do love

Why thank you :-) I do love getting compliments. Speaking of which, I do have a new boyfriend...he doesn't quite understand the knitting, but he'll love it come fall... when he starts getting projects.

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Nice one .. but how do you

Nice one .. but how do you manage the time... music practise, gym, study... am amazed...
Istanbul, Turkey

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I don't really know. I

I don't really know. I don't have cable (by choice) at my apartment, so that is part of it. I'm a capricorn, so I like to stay busy.

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well....hopefully the new

well....hopefully the new boyfriend will keep you buse, too...LOL

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Thom....really nice

Thom....really nice job...hope mine turns out as well as yours, Alpaca is one of my favorate yarns as well, particularly the drops aplaca, it is very fine but knits up so beautifully I can't resist it!

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Gorgeous! You did an

Gorgeous! You did an outstanding job.


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Looks perfectly fine to me.

Looks perfectly fine to me. What I like about lace is that the holes are suppossed to be there - unlike the holes I get in my garter stitch scarf....

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Freudian yarnovers?

Freudian yarnovers?

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Wow, if you can knit a work

Wow, if you can knit a work of art like this, you can knit a sweater in your sleep!

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It looks just fine to me

It looks just fine to me Thom. Excellent job!

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Great work. I'm pleased to

Great work. I'm pleased to hear you doing the seamless route instead of the sewn. It is a delight when you see the shape emerging as you work. Good luck with it and EZ's directions are great. I found alpaca a bit of a challenge at first, but we became "air kiss" friends.

“There are those that do and those that don’t”
“Those that will and those that won’t”

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I'm jealous. It's

I'm jealous. It's beautiful. And the color is quite nice.

I'm hoping to do this one sometime in the "near" future... though I probably need to get some experience with lace under my belt.

Mmario, kudos on your design!

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Nothing quite like jumping

Nothing quite like jumping into the deep end head first. QAL was my first lace weight project. Go for it, it's so much fun.

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Lace under your belt is ok,

Lace under your belt is ok, just don't wear it in public.

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If you can do yarn overs and

If you can do yarn overs and decreases, you can do lace! Go ahead and give it a try!

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What he said!

What he said!

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What they said! -- Books,

What they said! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.