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Recently finished a shawl/afghan with some Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool that was left over from other projects. I have made these before by casting on 8 stitches and branching out to make a square shawl of about 60 inches. However, this time I cast on 200 stitches provisionally and started increasing every other round at four points and when it was finished I Kitchenered the centre stitches together making a rectangular shawl. I threw in some rows of YO K2tog as I think these help to block it bigger. I finished it with a sideways garter stitch border. It measures about 40 by 80 and is wonderful to snuggle under for naps. I used 4.5 mm needles and it weighs 350 gms.

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Oh, that is just too

Oh, that is just too beautiful! Such a very colourful piece. I think everybody tends to outdo themselves with each successive work. Lucky you to have such a stash of J & S just laying around. Great job!

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Very nice, Ron. I may keep

Very nice, Ron. I may keep it in mind for a nice fast knit-up. My usual pattern comes out as a square and when I tried to adapt it to a rectangle it was a disaster. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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A lovely piece. Thanks for

A lovely piece. Thanks for showing it to us. And for showing us what a knitter can do with stash. Enjoy it.

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Exquisite! It has a real

Exquisite! It has a real Art Deco feel to it. You've knit more in the past few months than I have in my life. Where did you throw in the YO K2tog rows, and what is a sideways garter stitch border? Was this done on one circular?

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Yes, it was knit on a

Yes, it was knit on a circular. The holes you see were the YO K2tog's. When I was finished I cast on 7 stitches on the right hand needle, knit to the shawl and knit the seventh stitch together with one from the shawl. Knit back and do the same again. Eventually you eat up all the stitches and I think it makes a nice border.

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The same technique is used

The same technique is used to put edgings on many lace pieces as it give a stretchy "bind off" that blocks as well as the rest of the piece.