Squares for Jason

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Here are my squares for Jason's blanket. I will post these off to the project and then see if I can make some more to follow. i just don't want them to miss the May 30th deadline as they have to go Airmail from the UK.

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Nice job...well

Nice job...well doneDave
Istanbul, Turkey

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great job!!!

great job!!! ;)


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I really like the color

I really like the color work! These look great.

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These are just wonderful I

These are just wonderful I like the Idea of using more than one colour per block. This blanket will truly be amazing!!!!!!!

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Those are great!! This

Those are great!! This blanket's going to be amazing. I'm loving the four colors that we're working with. I'm only using the olive and red though. Your squares are very fun.

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Isn't it great how these

Isn't it great how these colors harmonize? I'd love to know how they do that.

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Beautiful colorwork Jax-

Beautiful colorwork Jax- all this has me itching to take up afghan knitting!

These look great Jack. I

These look great Jack. I think we will have a wonderful blanket for Jason and maybe one for his carer.