Where's my b***dy yarn?

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So having not spotted the Comfort Blanket project for Jason for a while (was not online) I immediately tracked down the yarn in the UK and ordered it nearly TWO WEEKS ago. The supplier informed me by email that it was shipped first class on Saturday (this weekend just gone). Its now THURSDAY... where is the damn yarn??

It should have arrived on Monday -- OK that was a holiday in the UK -- so lets be generous and say Tuesday. I need to start -- I'm not super fast and want to do something nice and interesting for Jason. If I don't get the yarn today I won't get more than one or two squares to California in time to be stitched in :o(


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Supplier re-sent yarn which arrived on my desk today (less than 24hrs later). Somewhere in the British postal system there are two balls of Vanna's Choice bouncing around -- either that or my postie has taken up knitting!

Needles at the ready this evening!

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UPDATE It seems that another


It seems that another customer has not recieved their yarn which was dispatched on the same day mine was sent. Something has def. gone wrong with the mail system. So the lovely people at Banyan Tree Yarns in the UK have offered to send me two more balls today -- even though its not their fault it hasn't turned up.

Maybe I'll get a few squares done this week and then send them super fast to the US of A. Fingers crossed and of course, lots of nice new customers to Banyan Tree for the extra good customer service they've given me.

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It'll all work out.

It'll all work out.

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Y'know what? It STILL

Y'know what? It STILL hasn't arrived. I ordered some yarn for another project from a supplier further afield and its on my desk today. I ordered it in the middle of the night on Weds...

Hrmph... where's my Lion Brand

Mine arrived from Banyantree

Mine arrived from Banyantree 5 days after ordering and the mail service in Spain is appalling!

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So's the acrylic. (Just

So's the acrylic. (Just kidding, Vanna).

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Adrian, I thought that you

Adrian, I thought that you were talking about Canada Post, where snail mail can sometime feel like more than a metaphor. However late Monday AM of this week I call a place in Toronto for the wool (thanks to Chipsir's suggestion) and by 10AM on Tuesday it was sitting on my desk. Now it has to be said that I paid more for the shipping than I did for the yarn but still.... This is the kind of service that our American brothers are accustomed to!
Good luck on your squares. I start on mine tomorow! I figure if I can get two done, that wil add nicely to the massive pile that I think Kyle is going to receive. In fact I will not be surprised if Kyle discovers that he has unleashed a wave of active compassion that finds him needing to rent space! Cheers! -Phil

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This is the kind of service

This is the kind of service that our American brothers are accustomed to!
HAHA! Mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

Right! Sure!

Thanks for the laugh!

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I guess he's not familiar

I guess he's not familiar with the phrase "going postal".

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OK So I got carried away

OK So I got carried away with Canadian generosity....... :-) but you guys are the inventors of overnight delivery. Ya just have to pay a bundle for it. I just started my squares. I have never knit with acrylic before. This stuff could survive a bomb blast but the colours are really rich. - Phil

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LOL!! I love that the

LOL!! I love that the "L-O-O" was asterick'd out as a cuss word!!! So cute! I love having such a rich experience of this international community.

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haha you said "loo!" :) no

haha you said "loo!" :)

no worries - as many squares as you can knit will be the perfect #...


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Even one square fills the

Even one square fills the bill; relax Adrian.