LTKA Square 6

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This is a very interesting square if you want to learn about ribbing, it has back loops to the max, you have combinations. It is a 2 x 2 ribbing taking you through the steps of back loops and front loops, knitting and purling. What does this do for your knitting? You get the opportunity to learn about back loop kniting and purling and how that changes the way the stitch looks and behaves. Thanks for stopping by!


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Nice square. Cotton makes

Nice square. Cotton makes for a most interesting afghan. Have made several of them and each one is unique. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Is this still cotton you're

Is this still cotton you're working with? What is this color called- it looks periwinkle on my monitor.

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It is a light blue, it can be periwinkle . It is still cotton. I am making this afghan all in cotton to see what it will feel like. Acrylic is very light, cotton is a bit heavier.

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Great texture as well.

Great texture as well. Thanks for your interesting posts.