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Has anyone in Canada found a place to buy Vanna's Choice? My LYS has told me that none of the smaller shops carry it and I have even been to the dreaded Walmat. It seems that Redheart and Bernat are the economy brands of choice - any sense of colour matches on those for Jason's blanket? I tried US mail order and was told that it would be about three weeks for delivery. I'd like to share in this project but have to be realistic. IDEAS?? - Phil


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SUCCESS! ordered! thanks


ordered! thanks for the help guys -Phil

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Thanks Chipsir. I used your

Thanks Chipsir. I used your info and found their website. I'll call tomorrow -Phil

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I found a Store in Toronto

I found a Store in Toronto and it will ship so if you need an address let me know, the name of the shop is "sew'n knit'n serge" O'Conner Drive Toronto

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I found it at A.C. Moore.

I found it at A.C. Moore.

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We have Hobby Lobby ....but

We have Hobby Lobby ....but a different gang I think. Mostly RC aircraft etc. Michael's does have a location in Ottawa (about 2.5 hours - & no car here) but curiously while they list the yarn on their web site, one cannot purchase it online. We have at least a dozen excellent yarn stores that I know of in Montreal but no luck there so far. I am continuing the search.

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How about JoAnn's or Hobby

How about JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby?

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Doe you have any "Michael's"

Doe you have any "Michael's" locally?