Two Months of Knitting

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Here is my latest completed project. Other than a sock (which I have to rip out) I have knitted on very little else than this for two months.

The design is by Herbert Niebling and interpreted by Naoko Ichida. Niebling called it Federdolde (loosely translates to Feathered Flat Top Flower) and Ichida called it Le Soir D'Or (Golden Evening??...I think).

I knit this using a silk, naturally dyed yarn from "A Verb For Keeping Warm"...the color is actually a shimmery tarnished copper color.


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Well Joe that is a truely

Well Joe that is a truely amazing work of art.

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I am officially impressed

I am officially impressed and have been recruited to serve the lace gods by your hand. I will become a lace acolyte. I hope the initiation rites are less invasive than a previous recruitment. (I had to have Micky Mouse hands surgically attached. They look so cool, but Boy! Did it smart!)

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“Those that will and those that won’t”

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Impressive and beautiful.

Impressive and beautiful. And yes, as nearly as I know (with only a barely working knowledge of French) le soir d'or means golden evening, or translated exactly as it lies, the evening of gold. They never string things together exactly like we do. I hope for the day I can knit like this!

There's nothing I can say

There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said... so, with that I'll just say... "I agree!"

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What a beautiful piece of

What a beautiful piece of work. It truly is a stunning piece.


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Wow, Joe, it's stunning!

Wow, Joe, it's stunning! Will you bring it to Easton so we can see it in person?

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Thanks was a very

Thanks was a very enjoyable project. I do plan on bringing it to the retreat next week (I can't BELIEVE it's next week already...yikes!). The nice part about the lace is that it looks and feels even better than the pictures I've been able to get.

Perhaps I'll bring all three of my Niebling lace projects and decorate the dinner tables with them...uh...nevermind...I wouldn't be able to let anyone eat at those tables.

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It's hard to speak when your

It's hard to speak when your jaw is on the floor! That's f*cking amazing!!!

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This is simple beautiful. I

This is simple beautiful. I do love this mans patterns but as yet have not done any, Joe this is truly a piece of art, there is not enough praise I could offer to do your work justice congradulations from me on bended knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's beautiful. A great

That's beautiful. A great show and tell piece for the knitting retreat.

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This is SO BEAUTIFUL Joe! I don't even have the words!!! I'll just say MAGNIFICENT!


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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That is very beautiful.

That is very beautiful.

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This is stunning! It looks

This is stunning! It looks like a drawing done in pen and ink. I'm amazed. Again.

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I am humbled before the

I am humbled before the master knitter.
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Damn, Joe...That is amazing!

Damn, Joe...That is amazing! That's all I can say, really, it just boggles my mind that something so beautiful is possible.

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Truly a work of art!! Only

Truly a work of art!!

Only two months?! I have been working on a BABY jacket for longer than that hoping I get it done!

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"The Evening of Gold" That

"The Evening of Gold"
That is absolutely gorgeous. Where can I find this pattern?

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Jk, found it on

Jk, found it on Ravelry...I'm going to have to purchase that book at some point.

Absolutely amazing - I'm

Absolutely amazing - I'm staggered.

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I saw this on your blog this

I saw this on your blog this morning. It is so gorgeous. The colour is lovely. I saved the link to the yarn site as well. A wonderful piece of art.

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Breathtaking- but you only

Breathtaking- but you only knit one?

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Absolutely amazing! ...what

Absolutely amazing!

...what else to say?

I'm trying, because I think there's too many words to describe it and just can't find the right one to say.

I'm awestruck.

...and still you managed to knit this inbetween playing that evil addicting exploding balls game over on FB.


Who's the recipient?


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WOW .... WOW ...... and

WOW .... WOW ...... and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Speechless!!!! Randy



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okey-dokey - that looks

okey-dokey - that looks better then the green socks. (grin)

Stunnig, Joe!