Maikell Shawl (sorta')

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This was made with revisions from the Estonia Lace book (don't remember the exact name I borrowed it from the library). I made it with Zephyr 50/50 wool/silk on a US size 4 needle. Half of the nupps (bobbles) were replaced with size 6/0 beads. And that is my adorable wife posing!

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Your wife is lovely, and

Your wife is lovely, and very lucky!

I just bought Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace Of Estonia". Nupps drive me batshit, but the patterns and the history are fascinating! It's a great book!

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Looking Good!

Looking Good!

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Gorgeous Shawl and model,

Gorgeous Shawl and model, you done good!


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What a beautiful shawl. You

What a beautiful shawl. You did yourself proud.


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That shawl is beautiful, as

That shawl is beautiful, as it should be, because your wife is smashing to look at. Lucky man, you have a beautiful wife and a built in model for your work!!!!!!!!!!

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The shawl's beautiful Rick

The shawl's beautiful Rick and kudos for the inventiveness of using the beads! You're wife's also lovely and the piece looks lovely on her.


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The shawl looks great, I'm

The shawl looks great, I'm sure your wife is very pleased. Zephyr is a lovely yarn to work with and blocks nicely.

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My god man, you are

My god man, you are brilliant! I've wanted to do something with Lily of the Valley lace for a looooong time but HATE bobbles. What a great idea, large beads to replace the bobbles and much prettier too. Thanks for the great idea.

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She looks stunning in

She looks stunning in must be thrilled at how well it turned out, and the color is just perfect for her.