I'm in the mood for a big project...

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So I have ALOT of lacw weight laying around and im kinda itching to make a new shawl of something...any suggestions?

Whats your fave lace so far...

I have copys of Mmario's awesumness and I just grabbed a gathering of Lace and Victorian Lace Today from my Library...now I just need a project...

help...please....to many choices!


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If you have a bay window,

If you have a bay window, perhaps some lace curtains would keep you busy for a while?

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I tought you were knitting

I tought you were knitting yourself a large veil? I would think that would have your hands full....

For some really tempting patterns take a look at the Heriloom knitting site!

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LoL ummm I already finished

LoL ummm I already finished it lol

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Hi Princess! I've missed

Hi Princess! I've missed seeing your posts around here!

In addition to MMario's fabulous designs... (I have made two of the Faux Spanish Lace Shawls with spectacular results each time)

I am also a big fan of the shawls in "Wrapped In Comfort" by Allison Jeppson Hyde. (Though I am not so sure about doing her stuff in lace weight. I think sock yarn would be about the lightest I'd go for her stuff, personally.) Her shawls have a way of feeling "custom fitted" almost like a cape with a neckline, yoke and body all flowing into one another seamlessly. I did the "Bigfoot Shawl" for my Mother-In-Law and it turned out quite lovely! It's is a variation on the Feather & Fan motif. Even the shawls that she marks as being "Intermediate to Advanced" will not be a problem for you at all!

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Yup.....can't go wrong with

Yup.....can't go wrong with MMario's designs

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You obviously weren't around

You obviously weren't around for the A'Tuin fiasco....*grin* I *NEED* 2400 plus proof knitters!

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I vote for Queen Anne's Lace

I vote for Queen Anne's Lace by Mmario!!!

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I'll vote for that too.

I'll vote for that too. Have to wait for my LYS to order more of the yarn I'm using for this. I have one last purl round to finish and then the bind off! I can't wait to share it with everyone.