OT- Our mothers know....

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Well, the big step has been taken.... we're um.... our mothers know....official? Brad (ksmarguy) and I are officially a couple. It's long distance, still got a long way to go, but....
(happy dance)
We'd like to thank this wonderful community for your support and for bringing us together.


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To the two of you:

To the two of you: Congratulations!!!

To everybody else: I AM SINGLE!!!!!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

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May your relationship bloom

May your relationship bloom and grow with each passing day, I truly am happy for both of you.

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Congratulations!!! You make

Congratulations!!! You make a very Handsome couple!. Best Wishes to you Both!!!!

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Ditto all!

Ditto all!

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wonderful news!!!

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Congratulations and best of

Congratulations and best of luck! The long distance thing can be worked out and dealt with. You both look great together and so happy.

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How totally awesome!

How totally awesome! Congratulations!

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You guys rock! I was so

You guys rock! I was so tired and worn out when I got home tonight - and seeing this made my day! You look great together - thanks for the news!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Congratulations to both of

Congratulations to both of you.

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WAHOO! Congrats to you

WAHOO! Congrats to you both!
Yes, the distance and commuting sucks, and not in the good way!


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Congratulations! Although

Congratulations! Although it's been said many times, it's still worth repeating. You are a very good looking couple! We wish you the best!

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Yippee! Best of all kinds of

Yippee! Best of all kinds of wishes to you both. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Really awesome! Blessing on

Really awesome! Blessing on you guys:)

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When you find love or it

When you find love or it finds you there is nothing better in the world. Congratulations to you both! May you always have the sunshine on your face and the wind at your back.

Thor, this just proves I have good taste in men and I think ksmarguy would totally agree with me! :-)

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You bet I would!!!!!!!!!

You bet I would!!!!!!!!! :D

You have superb taste in men!!!!!!

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I have to agree with all of

I have to agree with all of the other comments!! You two look great together! Congratulations and may you have a long, happy life together!!

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Congratulations!!! I'm


I'm really happy for you both...you look good together, too...


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congrats. it seems so

congrats. it seems so right. hope it means ks moves to ca and not the other way around :)

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Congrats!!!! I wish you many

Congrats!!!! I wish you many happy years!!


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Congratulations! It's great

Congratulations! It's great when you find someone special to share your life. And, even better when your life can be "knit" together with common interests. I know all too well about the long distance relationship thing . . met in AZ last month, meeting in NYC next month, ??? in July. Thank goodness for good cell phone plans :) It's just another and different dimension to a relationship, but can be fun at the same time.

Keep us posted . . and feel free to contact me if you want to share ideas on keeping up a long distance relationship.


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Ut oh... I am never going to

Ut oh... I am never going to hear the end of this! My knitting buddy, Elizabeth, always... yes, always... comments on how handsome you are! It is just going to break her heart to hear that you are no longer available and that you liked boys in the first place. I guess I had better stock up on chocolate now!

Congratulations, guys!

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YEAY! Congratulations! Love

Love conquers all!

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And somehow mothers knowing

And somehow mothers knowing makes it the real deal :-)

I hope that they are both doing the happy dance too! You guys make me smile and want to celebrate too. Congratulations. - Phil

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CONGRATULATIONS! Ain't love grand! Yup: the commuting thing is a drag, but it can be done. My partner David and I commuted for 13 years between Michigan and Vermont. At the very least, you will help pull the airline industry out of this recession. :-) You two put a smile on so many of our faces and lightened our hearts. Best wishes..... and happy knitting! -John

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Congratulations! May your

Congratulations! May your future be bright, prosperous and full of all things great.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
What can I say , but CONGRATULATIONS. May your relationship enhance both your lives beyond your fondest dreams!

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jerzy pl. Congratulations

jerzy pl.
Congratulations and the best wishes from spring-summer Poland (more patterns and time for knitting together)!!!
Jerzy H.

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Congratulations!!! You make

Congratulations!!! You make a very handsome couple. Nice yarn too...