online yarn from turkey

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found this out on The web site definately states the yarn is hsipped from Turkey - and I've heard comments that people couldn't find yarn in Turkey.....

so I thought I'd post it.

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I just noticed on the yarn

I just noticed on the yarn paradise website a yarn that I am currently using for socks... I bought it a US 75 cents per ball... 100 % acrlic... but 97% of the stuff offered on that website seems to be either not obtainable here in Turkey or ... now I have a sneaking suspicion that a few of the varieties are offered but under an different label... it looks similar to the Himalayan brand that I get here sometimes. The Himalayan yarn tends to be higher in wool content that all the others which isn't difficult as most of them are acrylic... but anyway...
A bit of a mystery this Turkish yarn... but that's fine.
Istanbul, Turkey

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Looks like an interesting

Looks like an interesting site... I haven't used Turkish yarn, but I'm very familiar with Altın Başak threads -- excellent thread for tatting (I picked up several balls of it when we were in Turkey a few years ago). I am told, however, that there is a quality difference between the in-Turkey version and the export version. I haven't ordered it since though (outside of teaching a few classes, I havn't done much tatting since my daughter was born).

As someone mentioned, I know many of the yarns at Hobby Lobby are made in Turkey... Haven't tried them though.

Grace and peace,

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You'd have to be able to get

You'd have to be able to get it in Turkey, because the shipping is more than the cost of the yarn. I may just have to plan a trip :)

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Dave and I will be expecting

Dave and I will be expecting you. We'll show you the sights and the wholesale yarn market, of course.

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It looks like Ricke and I

It looks like Ricke and I will have to go back to the Spice Market (in the small streets behind actually) and see if we can find someone who stocks of it because the range looks great. I can't comment about quality or blends etc... I'm still too busy doing K1 P1 and that's about it for my expertise.
But I would love to use some of that yarn displayed on the website... mind you... I already have lots of projects ready to start... and a big project I am in the middle of... so maybe I can stockpile.
Ricke get out the old shoppy trolley... we got shoppin'to do :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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Yup, next week we'll go yarn

Yup, next week we'll go yarn shopping!

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Sorry if I mislead anyone,

Sorry if I mislead anyone, but Turkey produces a lot of yarn. A lot. That's why it's so cheap here. But most of it is not natural fiber. I just checked out the website, but don't think I've seen ICE yarn in the shops. It might be an "export" brand.

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yup - but some of these are

yup - but some of these are 70 percent natural fiber (which is aS MUCH or more then some yarns I've seen selling for $48 /50 grams) - and the prices are still low low low

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I'm not sure I'm remembering

I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly, but I think I recently saw on the wrapper band of some Lion Brand yarn at a craft store that it was manufactured in Turkey.

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I've bought yarn from

I've bought yarn from them...mostly novelty stuff...the last shipment of about six different ten ball packages was shipped in a plastic envelope. had been opened and half the contents stolen...then resealed poorly with tape.

I reported it to both UPS and the turkish yarn company...but was unable to get the yarn replaced or reimbursement.
Yarn Paradise has an English speaking person doing email...but they seem to have limited comprehension.