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I've been trying to weed out the casino/porn/student loan spammers, but would appreciate your help in monitoring the site.

If you see something that's out of line, please send me an email at with the username and/or URL to the offensive content and I'll take care of it.

Thanks to those of you who have been reporting incidents of this nature. Let's keep a clean site, ladies and gentlemen.

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I was referring to a few new

I was referring to a few new users we'd gotten that were advertising porn, college loans, and what not.

That's disheartening to hear

That's disheartening to hear Darrel. So you have to screen their postings & clean them up. I know in the past I've tried to put 4letter words in a posting & it was edited out! So realised there is a filter somewhere!!!

It's odd though that a few of us are getting spam on our e-mail accounts that we've not had before. 

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Once you start using your

Once you start using your email address, once someone else knows it, then you will start to get spam.  That's the nature of the business!  They have these little spybots that go around all over the net, searching for addresses... and they will get into someone else's address book, and look for new addresses.  I tend not to keep any in my address book, or I disguise them in some way (add a number to them, for example) so that if they do get it, it is invalid!

The thing to do is report each and every spam you get!  Most email programs have this feature, so make use of it.  And if possible, write to a real person at your email server, complaining about it as well... maybe if they are bothered enough, they might do something about it.  Of course, just like the squeegee kids, if you don't give them any money, they won't keep doing it!  Someone is clicking on those links, and buying the stuff they are selling-- that's the only reason they are doing this.  Don't give them a reason to know you are interested!

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Same with me, Martin!I've

Same with me, Martin!

I've been getting spam on my Gmail account for the last couple of weeks.  One or two a day.  It's not bad, yet, but still bugs me. 

Hi Darrel, Do you mean on

Hi Darrel, Do you mean on this site as I've not experienced anything like that here. But, on my gmail I'm now getting such stuff which I'd not before. I was so happy not to get spam on there until a couple of weeks ago!


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