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There were almost 25 people to our knitting club on Thursday. We met at a pub called The Salisbury, St Martins lane. The pub is right in the middle of town, sandwiched between Soho and Covent Garden. We had a really good night. We got lots of blue squares - I've begun to tell people that they should work on their own projects too! But Louise told me that a blue square is great to knit in the pub - she like a little glass of wine like me!

Apart from Craig, myself and Graham there were no other men. I'm not sure there are many male knitters in the UK.

My next campaign is to find them and out them.




It's wonderful you had such

It's wonderful you had such a good turnout!  I've been trying without success to meet up with other guys here in Denver.  I know they're here, but all the groups I've heard about seem to meet on a "show up and see if anyone else is knitting" basis--and every time I've showed up, no one was knitting.  Maybe knitting groups are more active when the weather's cold.

The Salsibury, I know that

The Salsibury, I know that pub, fabulous etched glass. The first gay bar I ever went to when I was about 18. I like Comptons &  there used to be a great bar also in St. Martin's Lane under the now Stark Hotel, Brief Encounter.

Knit away, knit away

There are quite a few in New

There are quite a few in New York. I'd say 12 of us meet at The Point on a regular basis. Not been to KnitNY yet but their Boyz Night is supposed to be popular. 

Knit away, knit away

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Gerard, I feel your

Gerard, I feel your "pain".  I'm not so sure there are very many male knitters in Kansas City, the very middle of the U.S.  I sure wish I could find them, though.  It would be great to have a group of men to knit with.  I'm grateful for this Men Who Knit site!

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Hello Warren, While I'm not

Hello Warren,

While I'm not a resident in Kansas City, I am a knitter to the north in Leavenworth. I travel for my job, but always look for opportunities to knit with "fellow" knitters when I can. Have you every been to the Yarn Shop in Overland Park? Denise is the owner and was starting a men's knit night earlier this year, around March. I went a couple of times when I was in town and did meet another knitter, Jon.

If you ever find or start a group, I'd love to know about it. Good luck on your search.