MPBN Great TV Auction

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Here in Maine, one of the things that the local PBS station does once a year is have their annual "Great TV Auction" and of course, seeing as that's the only thing I watch, for the past few years, I've been donating things to them every auction.

This year, they started something new -- online bidding...

...and they put up some pictures of the items.

Here's the link!



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Beautiful shawls.

Beautiful shawls.

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Those are beautiful Robert,

Those are beautiful Robert, hope they sell for what they are worth.


I am lovin the Pi Poncho.

I am lovin the Pi Poncho. Where can I get/buy the pattern? It would be ideal for my Mom.

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Robert, those are beautiful.

Robert, those are beautiful. I am sure they will get great bids for them. Nice work. Jack

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Those are great pieces

Those are great pieces Robert! I especially love the lamb's wool poncho--beautiful!! I so respect your generosity. I have always been such a huge fan of PBS and NPR. KUDOS!

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