Yarn Bowl Prototype #1

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Here's the first prototype metal (aluminum) yarn bowl - let me know what you think - these are in the early stages of production and we can still tweak the design a bit. Once we get the design figured out they'll be for sale on my website as well as possibly distributed through yarn shops across the U.S. feedback? thanks! also feel free to email me at kyle@kunnecke.net with more input (or if you know a shop that would want to be on the list to sell these)



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You mean you're not suppose

You mean you're not suppose to just knit in the cat hair? It adds such a nice texture! No matter how hard I try, I still seem to incorporate a hair or two. LOL!

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For what it's worth: I am

For what it's worth: I am experimenting with spraying my yarn with an anti-static laundry spray call Static Guard that I picked up at the supermarket last week. So far it does seem to be helping, I'm seeing much less of the hair from my two white cats finding its' way onto my yarn. It has a prefume-y scent, which is too bad because it covers the delicate lanolin scent in the wool, but if it works it's worth the sacrafice. I still think the yarn bowl would be best with a cover, though.

Unfortunately, I seem to be

Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to, so far, all of the anti-static products. That makes for some clingy washes; but, I avoid the rash. I don't know how rare is this allergy but I'd take it into consideration, if it was going to be for someone else or I made it for myself. I think they do make some scent free products; but, those may be 'in-the-dryer- products. Ironically, I'm not allergic to cats, so a few cat hairs don't bother me. Just a thought; but, don't the cat allergens wash out of the piece? Oh never mind... "white" cat. LOL I guess the wash isn't selective about which fibres it turns to lint. ;-)

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get a "mister" type spray

get a "mister" type spray bottle. Use distilled water. Works great for anti-static.

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I think that this is the

I think that this is the only yarn bowl that I've seen that I would consider buying for myself. I like the sleekness of the aluminum and modern silhouette. I would consider a lid as well and I think you would expand your marketability.

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I didn't understand so I

I didn't understand so I blew up the picture on paint shop, I guess I'm looking at a bowl with a slit and a hole for feeding the yarn? I presume it's only for yarn balls. I do like working with my yarn in balls; although I've heard others say that's a bad thing. I presume it would also work with a cake, and that would be nice. Am I on track here?
If, so, I think a lid with a soft edge so if the yarn came up the slit, it wouldn't get snagged would be a great idea. Cause, ya know that yarn's going to find a way to slide back up the slit if it can. I've used Quaker Oat boxes; but, you have to start when you first start using the ball cause the top (or bottom) only has a hole in it. I like the slit idea. With the quaker oats box, I'd often forget to put the yarn in the box before I started. Starting a new project can be a whimsical decision.

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Wait... did you make that?

Wait... did you make that? That's awesome!

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a cover is a great idea but

a cover is a great idea but I don't know for sure that it's possible - I guess you could put a dish on top if you wanted, but you can also take your project out of the bowl and store it... if it had a cover, it'd take care of the yarn, but your project would be sitting next to the bowl and possibly be affected by cat hair, etc... so using a bowl is a good idea to keep the ball of yarn from flying all over but not necessarily for storing your project between knitting sessions... I'll try to keep a list of who is interested here, but of course I'll be posting when it happens :) -


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Will it have a cover? I

Will it have a cover? I have cat hair issues. I also want one, so let us know when they are available please!

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What a cool idea. I want one

What a cool idea. I want one when you go into production!