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Having fun with my Majacraft Green Suzie wheel. This is a beautiful Shetland fleece from I am spinning up and then top-dying the natural cocoa color with Rit wine color dye. I am spinning a singles at worsted (4) weight (at least, that's my intent). The fleece is wonderfully soft, and spins so willingly it's scary. This is my first time spinning Shetland. When I have enough, it will be sweater time. Notice that I've succeeded in plugging three of my favorite products in one short post- I think I may have a future in advertising.


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I googled a pic of your

I googled a pic of your spinning wheel. It looks nice and compact. Are they affordable?

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I ordered this one back in

I ordered this one back in November from Tracy Eichheim at He has the best price I found on the net and he has excellent backup as he is semi-retired and sells only Majacraft wheels. He has a lot of info that he himself provides which is not available anywhere else. I paid $550. at the time. The price depends, I imagine on the NZ exchange rate. I love the wheel- it spins like "butta". I don't recall if he has his prices posted on his website, maybe check it out.

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the wheel i have is a Babe's

the wheel i have is a Babe's Fiber Production wheel.... i only paid 264.00 that's what shipment... go to

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Beautiful job! Those two

Beautiful job! Those two colors together would make an awesome sweater.


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The yarn's beautiful Albert

The yarn's beautiful Albert and I LOVE the color--it's one of my personal favorites! I've not even had the thought of delving into spinning. A bit too intimidating at this point. A suggestion on the dye, when you go to block your project add in a couple of tablespoons of salt and a half cup of white vinegar into the initial soaking bath (for a sweater). It really helps in setting the color and prolonging the hue!

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Thank's for the tip, Mill!

Thank's for the tip, Mill!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Nice colors, always pour that vinegar and help that dye stick good, love the cocoa!!!

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it's gorgeous, Albert...but

it's gorgeous, Albert...but why fades...

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Sheer laziness- just open

Sheer laziness- just open the bottle and pour! As to fading, I haven't noticed it, but if it happens I'll just consider it "patina".

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You are amazing Albert. I

You are amazing Albert. I really like the colour.

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That looks great! Spinning

That looks great! Spinning is something I'm really interested in getting into. I took a drop spindle class and it was OK, but I think I'd enjoy it with a wheel better. I'm assuming you're carding the fiber yourself? How long does it take to prep enough yarn and spin up 1 hank?

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A wheel is a lot of fun, and

A wheel is a lot of fun, and I believe faster than a drop spindle, though I know Tallguy disagrees. With my drum carder I can card up a good 4 oz hank's worth of yarn in something under an hour. My hand cards take longer, but give me more control over the final product- for instance, if I am blending different colors or fibers. There is also combing to produce a worsted yarn, but I prefer carding to get a woolen yarn.

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Wheels do spin faster but

Wheels do spin faster but the rhythm of spindling is what keeps me using them. (Not that wheels don't have their own rhythm, just different.) And hand carding is quite lovely to do but, there again, the drum carder sure helps with big batches. Another advantage of spindles is that they are way more portable whenever I demonstrate spinning in public. - Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice spinning, Albert. I've

Nice spinning, Albert. I've always heard that Shetland spins up beautifully. I've never tried it and am even more behind with spinning than I am knitting. That wine color will make a gorgeous sweater. - Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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What a good job you have

What a good job you have done with that wool.

Spinning interests me and my wife. We are thinking of getting a"Ashford
Joy" spinning wheel she informs me! We have acreage to spare so there is room. Cashmere goats I think if there are any at the auctions.

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Ashfords are a nice wheel.

Ashfords are a nice wheel. Very user/beginner friendly. Lots of luck with the goats once you get them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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omg Albert that is some

omg Albert that is some beautiful yarn u have spun.... can't wait until i can put my first batch of fiber and yarn online...