Black Addi Turbo needles

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I've been bothered by the bright silver finish on the Addi turbo's blinding to my old eyes... searched and found a product that turns them charcoal grey!'s a liquid called "Blacken it" used to antique model trains and tracks. Got it from Micromark.. I just cleaned the turbo needles to get rid of finger grease...and dipped them in the bottle...then rinsed. ...they're now a warm charcoal grey colour. it doesn't rub off or stain... Bill

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Bill, I agree with you.  I


I agree with you.  I ONLY use the turbos and when I am at home it's fine because I have the lighting the way I want it.  But when I knit at work, I get this weird mirror effect from the needles from the lighting I have there.

My question to you is..... do they knit as fast and as smooth as the nickel plating?  Because that is what I like about them.

Thanks so much for the info.


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the "Blacken it" dip doesn't

the "Blacken it" dip doesn't change the surface...just darkens it... ...sort of charcoal gunmetal look... ...still smooth and slipery It oxidizes the nickel plating. Bill

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Bill....what a great idea! I

Bill....what a great idea! I kind of like the sivery finish....but if I ever get tired of it....I'll know what to do.