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Follow up photo.


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Awesome sweater!

Awesome sweater!

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great job! I love it, the

great job! I love it, the design, color and workmanship.


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WOW! What a great sweater.

WOW! What a great sweater. And your tips for the hair gel were amazing, too!

Tell me more...yarn/needles....the GORE!


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Great sweater!

Great sweater!

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Great sweater and love the

Great sweater and love the color!

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Another very awesome work.

Another very awesome work. A beautiful blue and the sweater is even when looking at it. And all of it done with skillful hands. So good!

Keep it lite and happy!

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Great sweater! I, too, love

Great sweater! I, too, love the subtlety of the center panel and the steeked sleeves. The color is one of my favorite!

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knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Beautiful sweater Albert,

Beautiful sweater Albert, love your design.

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Great looking sweater. I

Great looking sweater. I admire the subtlty of your design. One of those moments where as I keep looking at it more reveals itself. Great color also. Have not done steeks yet. How was the whole process?

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Steeking is easy- just add

Steeking is easy- just add in six or eight stitches at the side "seams" and then cut them up the middle before joining your shoulders and picking up stitches around the arm hole. One little trick I do now: before cutting the steeks, I paint them with hair styling gel using a flat tipped 1/4 inch artist's brush. I get a good bit of it in there and then blow-dry them or let them dry by themselves if I'm not in a hurry. This makes them easier to cut evenly, and keeps them "quiet" while I am picking up my stitches. That is, when steeking a non-stranded sweater, my steek is all purl stitches for visibility within the stockinette or pattern sweater, so when I cut them un-moussed, the "flaps" would naturally curl and be in the way while I'm picking up the stitches. This prevents that, and of course the hair gel washes out when I do my wash-and-block.

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This is a great sweater. I

This is a great sweater. I love the diamond panel in the center and the color of the yarn. Great work!

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I like it... I'm doing an

I like it... I'm doing an aran at the moment ... am hoping that it turns out like, not making the pattern up or adding to it in any way, just following a pattern... if it comes out according to the pattern Ill be happy.'

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what a gorgeous sweater....

what a gorgeous sweater.... u are making me jealous here b/c i haven't done a completely done a sweater yet..

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I really like this

I really like this has a simple elegance to it, and divine texture.

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quite nice work. the color

quite nice work. the color is quite warm. lovely