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My sister's husband is a semi-professional photographer and took some shots of my sister wearing the shawl I made for her!

Makes me so proud!!

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I knew she would love it!

I knew she would love it! It's a great looking shawl!! Nice photos.

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I enjoyed that shawl when it

I enjoyed that shawl when it reminded me of Guam.

It looks even better being worn...

...and again...

Bravo on a job well done.


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Thanks for posting these.

Thanks for posting these. That shawl just sings, "Perfect match!" for your sister. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

It still sings 'oranges and

It still sings 'oranges and lemons' and it looks terrific on your sister.

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Nice shawl, nice shots!

Nice shawl, nice shots! I've been taking some photos of a sweater I'm attempting (unsuccessfully) to post about- they all come out looking like my cat stepped on the shutter button. Send your brother-in-law over, please!

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Looked good before - looks

Looked good before - looks even better displayed!