Anyone ever do the Bunny Blanket - pattern free on Lion Brand site?

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I am working on the Bunny Blanket pattern that is free on the lion brand site and I did a major screw up, or didn't understand something.
I finished the whole thing and go to the point where I needed to stuff the head. But I had no hole at the top in which to stuff. I wedged my fingers in the stitch hole (which I probably should not have done) and eventually it started to unravel most of the head. So I had to back it all out to before the head.
It is back on my needles and I want to attempt to do this again, but I am afraid I will just wind up in the same situation.
Also, when I did stuff it, the head was square and not rounded.

If anyone has done this and could lend some help it would be greatly appreciated.



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It is pretty much that

It is pretty much that pattern. My rows are P1, s1 but it doesn't say anything about the yarn being in the back for the slip.
I did do the thread the yarn through every other, maybe this is where I went wrong.
Questions about it. So I had 12 stitches on the needle and the 10 inches of yarn is at the end.
1 - I assumed when I start with the every other that I skip the first stitch for the every other? Was that wrong, should I have started with that stitch instead?
2 - I threaded the stitches going in purl wise
3 - when I got to the end, I actually turned the work, and then skipped that first stitch (which was threaded the other way), and proceeded again to thread every other stitch (the ones that were not done the first time), and again did this purl wise. Should I have not turned the work?
4 - should the opening for the stuffing by very obvious?

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you would be threading the

you would be threading the yarn and the needle through the purled stitches and skipping the slipped stitches. (Those slipped stitches should be with the yarn in back, btw- or else the pattern doesn't work) - yes, when you remove the needle you should have an obvious hole into the head of the bunny.

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Is that standard for the

Is that standard for the slip stitches? Was I supposed to know to bring the yarn from the front (after me purl stitch) to the back? The pattern doesn't say this. Is it just common knowledge that slipped stitches are always
1 - purl wise
2 - with the yarn in the back.

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It is semi-standard; but no,

It is semi-standard; but no, I don't think you should have been EXPECTED to know that;

I know from the patterning I've read that this is double knitting to form a tube, which means the slips have to be done with the yarn in back or you don't get the opening/double fabric.

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hence the reason I had no

hence the reason I had no opening to do the stuffing and had to rip the whole thing out to before the head started.

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Are you doing the bunny

Are you doing the bunny blanket buddy or the cuddly bunny?

If it's the cuddly bunny:
Row 45: *Purl 1, slip 1 with yarn in back; repeat from * across row.
Note: Head is made using double knitting to create a double thickness of fabric that can be stuffed. There will not be an opening to do so until you do the step below of threading yarn through every other stitch and then removing the needles.

Repeat Row 45 until head measures 4 in. [10 cm]. Cut a 10 in. [25.5 cm] length of yarn. Thread yarn through every other st on needle, then back through remaining sts that you haven't already threaded. Remove knitting needle . the double knitting should open up into a "tube"
stuff head.

Pull yarn tightly to close top of head and knot to secure

If you are doing the bunny blanket buddy the process is similar, only they have you do the ears prior to puttting the remaining stitches on a piece of yarn and removving the needle so you can stuff the head.