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Here is my latest sweater. It is a Clan Aran pattern that I took liberties with. I made it using Jamieson's Soft Heather in the color, North Sea.


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Michael, As always, your


As always, your work is impeccable. I am always impressed by your choice of color, which always serves to emphasize the pattern. Keep on posting your wonderful creations so we can be inspired to create as you do!


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great job - what an

great job - what an accomplishment! that's just amazing... and inspiring! :) I bought yarn for an aran cable sweater today.... love the waist treatment... might do something like that on the one I plan :)


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Beautiful! The cable work is

Beautiful! The cable work is exquisite!


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I, too love what you've done

I, too love what you've done with the cuffs and waist band. Something about it is very renaisance to me. Creating something so complex is still beyond my comprehension.

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I love it... I'm doing an

I love it... I'm doing an aran at the moment... but a little more simple... I'll work up to something like yours one day.

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Very nice. Love the

Very nice. Love the ribbing!

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I also love the sweater,

I also love the sweater, great detail!!!!! Very accomplished.

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I love Aran sweaters; the

I love Aran sweaters; the more cables the better. Your sweater is gorgeous. I love the center panel cablework and the unique cuffs, waistband and neck! I'm working on my first Aran now out of "Knitting with Balls". Hence, I have an idea how much work you put into this. Congratulations!!

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Wow -Thomas


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Gorgeous texture, so

Gorgeous texture, so sculptural! Michael, how did you swatch for this sweater? Was this knit round or flat? What weight is the yarn, and what size needles?

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Hi, and thank you so much,

Hi, and thank you so much, everyone! It is funny how many compliments this sweater is getting. It wasn't nearly as complicated as many others that I've made and I actually found myself quite bored with the pattern. From the day I cast on to finishing, it only took 3 weeks to make.
I "borrowed" the ribbing/cuffs/neckband pattern from the last sweater I knit, Tumbleweed by Kim Hargreaves. I feel in love with that ribbing...nice for a change. I am glad everyone likes it.
This sweater was knit flat. I used Jamieson's Soft Heather, which is an Aran weight yarn. I used size 6 needles on the ribbing, and size 8 on the body. I have never swatched for anything, so I cannot say I swatched.

I just gifted the sweater to my father this afternoon.

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A truly beautiful sweater.

A truly beautiful sweater. I can imagine the amount of work.

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Beautiful sweater. Lots of

Beautiful sweater. Lots of attention to detail. Quite a work. Great job!