willy warmer - not pornographic but open with care

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I finished this project a month ago...my camera has been playing up ... not recharging properly, not turning on ... and then when it does turn on, my teaching partner seems a pic of me having sex... ahhh... the camera is going in the bin... it is old it is causing me too many hassles.

Anyway here is a pic of me before I put on the willy warmer... I say that as a warning to those intending to look at the attachments. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER IF EASILY OFFENDED.

No the pics aren't pornographic... it's just that it is my willy warmer being modelled on my willy... like one would model a hat on a head...

It's not perfect, nor is the body modelling it... but it was fun making and ... well I didn't actually wear it skiing as I intended and well... I will wear it to bed tonight to see how it goes.

I'm thinking about my next willy warmer having an elasticised end ... for exciting moments... sort of like a foreskin effect :)

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Hehe i made one of those

Hehe i made one of those (Different Pattern - "Tiny Timmy's Todger Toaster" but same idea), it's on my Ravelry projects. I need to load some things here but I'm so swamped in work that I shouldn't really even be here right now...

But I thought I'd add a cultural note. Years ago, some friends of mine were visiting a folklore museum in Yugoslavia. Through some connections they were able to visit a room not normally open to the public. One of the displays there had a whole series of, well, cock socks, in a wonderful variety of colors and sizes. And the sizes...some seemed to stretch the boundaries of the imagination. When they asked about that, the curator explained that since knitting was something women generally did in groups, some of the women would exaggerate the proportions at times, just as a bit of "one-upmanship."

Another note for the heterosexuals, or anyone for whom sperm count is a concern - you probably wouldn't want to wear one of these too much, as the scrotum is there for a very good reason - to assure that the testes don't get overheated - and wrapping it in wool would work against its purpose. Several years back, there was talk about "tighty whities" having the same negative effect, and they're thin and made of cotton!

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WoW Dave!! I love your pics

WoW Dave!! I love your pics !!!


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love the pix and the cocsock

love the pix and the cocsock (and what's underneath...teehee). good job!!
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Nice post. A man's man.

Nice post. A man's man. Where did you get your pattern? I am working on one now. I like the idea of elastic in the tip. Seems functional.

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I will need to check this

I will need to check this one out from home! Let you know later. It's not all that cold in Tennessee but maybe I'll make one just for the devilment of it?!?

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Very impressive. I also

Very impressive. I also direct you to my comments in Thor's post on how friends reacted to the Willy Warmer. (I actually wrote them before opening yours.) My dad's gift was intended as a joke. I didn't realise these clothing items were actually for real until just a few years ago. Makes sense, though. A jock strap is the same thing, without the tube. --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well...I was at a friends

Well...I was at a friends house and opened those pictures. She screamed, I laughed, her fiance laughed and told her to never make him anything like that. I really need to make something like this one day, though no one will EVER see me wear it. I have done naked before, for art only, but with clothing on...it would show how fat I am.

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Love the pictures!! "Thanks

Love the pictures!! "Thanks for sharing!. Would love to have one for myself, just not sure about making it litte intimedated by the pattern. Would love to see Buck Strong or Jason1978 or other such Hotties as yourself in onr of these also.

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so...does it stretch

so...does it stretch like...lengthwise?? ya know..

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog ONly if you make it out of sock yarn Jason lol!

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And in case there's any

And in case there's any confusion...I think he means the willie warmer.

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haha....yeah, I am very

haha....yeah, I am very straight forward but I wouldn't go as far as to ask that!

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Thanks guys.... and now it's

Thanks guys.... and now it's back to knitting sweaters... a Spring sweater... and maybe a pair of socks... for my parents who are heading in to Winter... fortunately I'm heading to Summer ...uhh... yes I get a second winter but only briefly ... 10 days ... so I'll be packing my willy warmer... though not showing anyone back home...they're far too conservative to appreciate it :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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OK, had to look! More power

OK, had to look! More power to you Dave! I think I'll keep my willy (um...warmer) in my pants for the good of everyone!

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Hi Dave...... I love the

Hi Dave...... I love the willy warmer or is it the willy ? Nice job and it takes guts to post.... Enjoyed.

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Beautiful job! In the first

Beautiful job!
In the first photo, I noticed you are wearing a very lovely pair of knit socks. Those are VERY nice.
Great job with the modeling. You can knit for me anytime.

Keep it lite and happy!

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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your work! I was wondering though, if the circular stripes have a similar effect as they do on a sweater by making the item they are covering look bigger than it actually is?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
The stitches are very nice, lol!