I Hate Me

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I'm doing a pair of clogs and they are going along great.  Finished the first and was down to the outer sole of the second, got through the "hell" 2, 4, and 6 rows only to discover that I had picked up and used a size 11 instead of 13!

 I said somthing a bit like "darn" only I think it was stronger. 


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OUCH!  Have you gotten

OUCH!  Have you gotten through "hell" again using the size 13?  Can't wait to see the pics when you're done.

Did you use the same size

Did you use the same size needles on both clogs?  If so,  I am not sure that this should really make a huge difference with a felting project -- as you are going to shrink them anyway - you could probably just get away with less time in the washing machine --  and they would probably still workout.  Either that or they would make a great present for someone with smaller feet -- size ten here :)

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Nope, I sure didn't.  The

Nope, I sure didn't.  The inner sole and the upper were on a size 13 needle.  The seperate outer sole is the one where I grabbed the 11.  Frogged it and started again.

I am working on the "Fiber

I am working on the "Fiber Trends" clogs now.  Almost finished with the first one.  I can't wait to felt them as I have never felted before.  Hang in there...you'll be back on track in no time.  PLEASE post a pic when you finish.


Felting is fun. However, I

Felting is fun. However, I reccomend using the washing machine if you can. Mine is not suitable for felting (front loading and the cycles run weird) and so it took me 3 hours to felt a needle cozy by hand.


Been there!  I've seen

Been there!  I've seen recommendations to go through the pattern and mark all the instructions for your size, but I never do it.  It's infuriating to get it wrong though, 'cause making a couple of extra stitches won't really fix the problem.

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aaah ican hear the fabulous

aaah ican hear the fabulous noise of soft yarn being rriiiippppped out:) im so sorry to hear this and i have done this before too. what doesnt kill us, makes us better knitters:)