Yarn confuses me

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I don't like choosing yarn. I don't know much about it. I have a great pattern for a sweater, but I don't like the colors and the yarn is just too expensive for me right now. But I don't know how to choose different yarn that is similar.
When I find something, I then don't know how much to get. What if the gauge is off. Weight vs yardage.
They just don't make it easy.


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This what I do, I take the

This what I do, I take the pattern to the LYS, show it to my LYS lady and tell her that I want something cheaper and in a different color then is called for. She always comes up with 3 or 4 options. I always depend on the kindness of my LYS lady.

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So do I initially ignore the

So do I initially ignore the gauge on the pattern? The gauge on the pattern is not in stockinette, it is in the pattern and on size 10 needles (18 for 4 inches). But it also specifies a yarn. When I look at that yarn it is rated as 14 stitches for size 9/10. So if I choose a different yarn, do I try to match now that 14 stitches for 9/10?
But then what do when the yarn I find is not in those size needles? I am finding a lot of 16 or 18 stitches with size 8. How do those convert to size 10?
And once I get something, and I test my gauge, I'm worried about counting the stitches and then adjusting the needles.

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a yarn that is the same 14

a yarn that is the same 14 stitches for 9/10 needles.

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yes I agree with

yes I agree with Mario...just make sure you always buy in yardage rather than by ball or skien when substituting, good luck

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most yarns will have a

most yarns will have a description as far as reccomended needles and suggested gague w those needles.

If you check the original yarn and find those numbers - then that's what you look for in your substitute. If you can find the yardage per wieght, that's another double check. And USUALLY you want to stay in roughly the same fiber mix.

yes, it can get complicated, but it can be done reasonably easily.