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Hey guys,

My fabulous boyfriend woke up at 3am last week & bid on some tortoise shell needles for me. They arrived today & I love them so much. I love the texture, look & feel of them. The sleeve I was knitting needed slightly larger needles & I instantly transferred to the new needles. He got 37 of them, yeah an odd #. Whatever,They are the best! Have any of you tried these needles? They came from Australia.


How to identify the real

How to identify the real thing (from

tortoiseshell, horny, translucent, mottled plates covering the carapace of the tropical hawksbill turtle. The plates, too thin for most purposes in their original form, are usually built up in layers that are molded or compressed after the surfaces have been liquefied by heat; thus, a firm union is effected after resolidification. Inlays can be imbedded in the shell with a hot iron. Tortoiseshell has been used in veneering since ancient times; its chief use today is in the manufacture of toilet articles and decorative objects. It is imitated in products of celluloid and horn, but the laminated structure of most genuine work aids in identifying the real shell.

Oh! I hope they made from a

Oh! I hope they made from a a synthetic substance.  Hawksbill Turtles ( as are most others) are listed as an endangered species.

 They are a kind of plastic

 They are a kind of plastic or acrylic substance. Very flexible & feel good when working with them.

Knit away, knit away

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They could also be casein. 

They could also be casein.  Swallow Needle Mfg Co. still makes them from casein in Australia.  It's a type of plastic made from milk protein that can be dyed (and very often is) to look like tortoise shell.  Warmer in the hand than other plastics.

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Hi Martin! My dictinary wont

Hi Martin! My dictinary wont translate so I have to ask you: What kind of material is it?

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Thanks, I'm just familiar

Thanks, I'm just familiar with turtle. And quite unessesery but with a need to correct on-line-dictionaries; it's Sköldpaddsskal :-)

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Hi Martin & others,Being

Hi Martin & others,

Being from Oz I have to confess that I have never tried the torty needles although they are readily available here in all yarn stores. My sister has been using them for over 40 years and uses nothing else and has tried to coax me into using them but I prefer circulars now adays, much easier on my hands.

That's a tricky one Gabe!

That's a tricky one Gabe! They are flexible & sad but true not great on black yarn. Yarn does zip off them though.  I do worry if they break will I be able to replace them. kinda special......... 


Knit away, knit away

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I've not seen them.....are

I've not seen them.....are they better than Addi's, cuz me loves me some addi's!!!!!!

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I *LOVE* them! ...they're

I *LOVE* them! ...they're hard to find in the larger sizes now...but I've bought lots of them... and some I've cut down into DP needles... love the colour... Bill