FO - Cobblestone sweater

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Well, it's been one year and one month since I started and a few weeks since I finished this. I used Lamb's Pride worsted weight and it's either Brown Bear, Chocolate Souffle or Roasted Coffee, I'm not sure. I also used Oatmeal for the stripes around the collar and cuffs. I'm enjoying wearing it!

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Great job Frank! The colors

Great job Frank! The colors and fit are perfect. This will definitely be on my want-to-knit list.

Frank Frank Frank....what an

Frank Frank Frank....what an awesome sweater and cap. I think I remember you mentioning the sweater last year too. You did wonderful!

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Very nice sweater, well

Very nice sweater, well done.

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Great job. Your choice of

Great job. Your choice of accent color around the bands enhances it even more. I like the whole idea of the sweater. When I did mine last year, I made the mistake of following the sizing too closely. Hence, my sweater is a bit too large for my frame. I used the Drops Alpaca Tweed and like that part very much. At some point I do plan to make the sweater again, as I like the no nonsence concept of it. However, I will definitely resize it. Live and learn. Your fit looks terrific. Enjoy.

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Excellent. Simple,

Excellent. Simple, straight-forward... very nice!

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This is another one of those

This is another one of those projects in my que. I just hate big projects - I become bored too easily, but your execution of that pattern makes it so tempting. I love the accent rows!

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Well executed- love your

Well executed- love your color choices; ditto the hat.

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Looks great! I really like

Looks great! I really like the accent color. The fit is great, much better than mine.
The hat is pretty cool also.