bloody thing!!!... Where's Wally ball, a dog toy.

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Update: I did a 3 needle bind off ... without the binding off ... can you believe it... I was so focussed on not dropping stitches because my circular needles had a fault... the plastic stitch holding part kept coming unattached from the needle and dropping all my stitches. I was so focussed on that that I forgot to bind off... so then I just did a simple cast off.

On casting off I realised that yes my gauge was correct all along and ... the extra 50 yes 50 stitches makes a hell of a difference... so I think I will just call it a loss.

From a Where's Wally hat ... it is going to get stuffed even further... with stuffing and it will become a ball for my dog to play with. Yes I am just going to gather all the stitches at edge and pull it all together and ... have nothing further to do with it... except us it in games of fetch with my dog.

Thank god it will be useful for something... and being acryllic ... I can wash it when it gets all mangky.

Defectived circular needle now in rubbish bin. All odd socks and old play toys(material bone) of dog is now inside the Where's Wally BALL ...including the dog's favourite has a choowey, squeaky ball to play with.

....silver lining after all :)

Will post later in the week my Where's Wally Ball

Original Posting:I wanted to wear a Where's Wally costume for Book Week... I started a week before and ... as in my usual style, fouled up the instructions.
I'll keep going with this project even though it is already soooo wrong.... but will see how it turns out.

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How frustrating. Maybe you

How frustrating. Maybe you can use it as the beginning of a blanket for Brock. :)

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I've turned it into a

I've turned it into a cushion/ball... it has a squeaker inside and is very soft, so he gets all excited and loves running after it.
I might start a sweat as I now have lots of green wool from our shopping trip last week. That's attractive to me at the moment... Brock's got his ball for now... next thing more me... then maybe a blanket for him. ... he'll have to be patient. :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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Almost completed. The hat

Almost completed.
The hat now has a red turn up brim and just about to knit the seams... the right way out this time ... for a change :) And I still have a pompom to make.
I am reasonably confident that it will fit well ... even though I must have stuffed up the gauge.
Am pleased my external harddrive does mind coffee being split all over it... was impatient with the plunge... you know how guys are ...
When I bring my card reader home from work I'll upload hat and my willy warmer. Still not sure if I should model the willy warmer. seriously tempted :)
Istanbul, Turkey