My favorite default scarf

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I seem to always have one of these going. They are a great travel project and the pattern requires almost zero thought. This one has been on my #8s since before Christmas - I only worked on it when out and about. I particularly like to do these in Lamb's Pride worsted. They make great gifts. I know the pattern as moss rib but it probably has other names as well.


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Yea, that's it the pattern

Yea, that's it the pattern is staggered by one from row to row. I've never tried a pattern yarn with it - I will now though.

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Is this the one that the

Is this the one that the whole pattern is
CO multiple of 4
*K3, P1*?
I learned it from a -learn-to-knit book deacades ago and have made lots of them. You're right. It's a great travel project. And I discovered that it is often good at showing off "patterned" yarns.