Knitting Tutorial Videos

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I'm interested in getting a comprehensive knitting video set. Any suggestions? Thanks, guys.


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I ran across this today at

I ran across this today at work so thought it may be of interest to you
"Knitting Daily TV series 106 " DVD 13 episodes of first season
from Interweave Press

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I just finished watching

I just finished watching "The Knitting Glossary" by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I watch it twice a year and it makes me feel happy. I ordered it through

Try looking at

Try looking at She's got links to some of her podcasts and videos; I think that there are more if you search on youtube. Some of these might be packaged for purchase.

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I don't know if

I don't know if sells their videos in a collection - but they have about the best set going that I know of on the web.

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aha! CD is

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Thank you!!! ...just ordered

Thank you!!!
...just ordered it...I'm on can't watch them ...