Designing and Marketing Knitting Bowls

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I have been looking online for about a year at knitting bowls... and I am in the process of making some out of ceramics, and working with a fabricator to cast them out of metals (I am exploring aluminum, zinc and/or bronze)

I'm just curious if anyone has suggestions regarding the design of a yarn bowl ... the ceramic ones are prevalant but I have yet to find one out of metal (except an antique onewhich is totally different from the type I'm designing) so I think it might be a good idea...

any thoughts? I figured I'd ask "my boys" first... re: design, marketing, distribution, etc. we're considering internet sales and distribution to select LYS around the country...



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I would imagine you will

I would imagine you will have better luck with aluminum - it tends cast with a smoother finish and needs less clean-up because it shrinks away from the molds as it cools.

also it would be much lighter - i would expect a bronze bowl might be too heavy for some knitters to lift.

and it's much less expensive.

(can you tell i like aluminum?)

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I was just looking at some

I was just looking at some out on the web. If your metal ones are going to be in the style that has a coutout for the yarn to pass horizontallly out of the bowl - make sure the edges are rolled, or otherwise formed so they arenet going to abrade the yarn!

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exactly - the prototype is

exactly - the prototype is complete and on its way to me for review... we're thinking of distributing them and I'm quite excited about it... I think the best part about a bowl like this is that if it's metal it won't break... unlike the ceramic ones... (which I also happen to be working on as well!) - what can I say... nothing like too many irons in the fire, right?


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YOu mean the bowls that you

YOu mean the bowls that you can put your yan into so the bowl/cone/skein/whatever doesn't roll all over the floor attracting marauding cats, dogs or children?

No reason metal couldn't be used.