Moving on...

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I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years this past Friday. I'm feeling a little down about it, but I think it's for the best. My depression over missing him is trumped by the freedom of not being trapped in the relationship anymore. Sometimes it's just time to move on I guess. We lived together, and it just wasn't healthy anymore for me to live with him; I was no longer happy.

In knitting news, knitting does remain my obsession...It's more of an obsession for me everyday. The time that I spend knitting is my most relaxing time, and most therapeutic. I escape from my world when I knit. I'm working on Queen Anne's Lace by Mmario, and I'm loving it to death. Props to him. I also have a pair of socks that I started saturday, the first of the pair being almost finished. I'll get pics of them up soon, but it might take a little while because the bf is taking his camera with him. Besides, I can't wait to get QAL off the needles and blocked.


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Breaking up is reallly very

Breaking up is reallly very hard to do. But in the long run it does make you stronger and you find out who you REALLY ARE, And what make YOU HAPPY! znot always the easiest to do when going through the hard times, but really you will be stronger and happier

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your situation, breakups always hurt, but when they are toxic it's time to move on. Just leave yourself open to the possibility that someone wonderful will come along and he will.

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Being trapped is never fun,

Being trapped is never fun, so hang in there and enjoy rediscovering yourself. You seem like a great guy. Just stay true to yourself and your perfect man will eventually appear.

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Thomas...hang in there and

Thomas...hang in there and keep knitting. It is best to move on if things don't work and you are unhappy. It took me many years of marriage to realize that. I finally admitted to myself who I really was and left to be with the man I had always wanted. It was a tough go and a tough first year but it was all worth it. Believe me the next one will be better.

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poor guy! Hang in

poor guy! Hang in there...i'm sure you'll find that someone... ;-)

You kind of strike me as a

You kind of strike me as a good-headed individual Thomas. I know it is not easy, but it also makes us better people. Kyle hit the button with what he said. Man...after 35, time started flying.

PS...what is the video link for the lady in Wales?

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Here is a link to the video

Here is a link to the video in which she gives a little advice (I think). You can also search for "fastest knitter" or her name, "Miriam Tegels" on youtube, and there are many other videos with her in them.

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Oh my gosh, you're way too

Oh my gosh, you're way too young for the final commitment anyway. Play until you're at least 25 or even 30.

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hang in there... remember...

hang in there... remember... THIS is the life we're living... I sometimes look back and realize that all those years I spent wondering when I'd be happy were years full of happy times... some not so happy too but all a part of my experience...

so keep yourself happy, be honest with yourself and be sure to communicate who you are to others... and the rest will take care of itself!


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In January, I left a toxic

In January, I left a toxic 18 year relationship. Been there, bought the tee shirt. Treat yourself to a new skein, and peace!

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Already did. Went to Knitch

Already did. Went to Knitch in Atlanta this past saturday with a friend I was visiting and picked up about 700 yards of black lace weight. Now to decide what to do with it. Mmario got any good ones?

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OMG that was you! I was at

OMG that was you! I was at Knitch helping a friend re-learn some basics. I... um... noticed (*ahem*) you with your friend (female) and thought "what a shame." Now of course it's still "what a shame" 'cuz you're, well... young.

Sorry to hear about your break up. They suck. no way to make it not suck. Just trust it will pass and new love will come again. (ugh, I think I made myself throw up a little). Anyway you get the idea.

Next time you come to Atlanta, let someone know! ;-)


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You should've said hi!

You should've said hi! Yeah...the person I was there with was my middle school girlfriend...then she didn't talk to me for 2 years after I came out to her, and then we became best friends after that. She's the one that taught me to knit, but I'm so better at it than her now...Not that I'm bragging.

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same thing this past

same thing this past November...9.5 years and after 3 months now I am honestly happier than I have been in years and years and years. Good for you for making your happiness your priority, it took me 9 years to figure that one out.

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Get a REALLY good knitting

Get a REALLY good knitting lamp to use before knitting with it. Black laceweight is a real b*gger to knit.

W/ 700 yards I'd look at a triangle shawl or a stole. Or possibly a nice wide lacy scarf.

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Sometimes we just gotta do

Sometimes we just gotta do what needs to be done, You sound good, so ever upwards and onwards.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzz Dennis

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Breakups are difficult even

Breakups are difficult even if it is for the best. Good luck on the new adventure!


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"trapped" is never good.

"trapped" is never good.

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P.S. I have been taking some

P.S. I have been taking some pointers from one of the videos of the fastest knitter in the world...the lady from Wales...whatever her name is. In one of the videos, she gave some pointers. It has helped me speed up about to maybe 130% of my previous speed, just guessing.

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It's never easy ending a

It's never easy ending a relationship. Mine ended in may after 11.5 years. I'm excited about the potential of finding the perfect match. I refuse to waste time ever again on someone that isn't committed to work on a relationship. You can't get that time back.