My husband's baggy socks

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My husband hates tight socks, he says they make him feel claustrophibic so I made these for him from the Knitting Man(ual). They are the twisted stitch classic sock. He loves them - I think they're a little sloppy looking, oh, well. The twisted stitch pattern was fun to knit and I will most likely do it again. The yarn is a cotton/wool blend that I bought specifically for this pattern almost a year ago. It was great to work with but I can't for the life of me remember the name and of course, can't find the tag. When I do these again I think I use size 0 needles instead of the 1's it called for and continue the twisted stitch pattern on the instep down to the toe. I think they will have a more tailored look that way.


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It's a great pattern, I'm

It's a great pattern, I'm now on my 4th pair of them. I got tired of the 'sloppy' socks I knit myself and now use 2.5mm needles. As Yarnguy 716 says the important thing is that your husband perfers them like that.

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I find that I do most of my

I find that I do most of my socks on 0's because 1's strike me as "too roomy". I like claustrophobic socks and I like the tight fabric the size 0 needles produce. I've got this same pattern on a set of DPs right now. I'm about 3 1/2 inches in but I think I'm going to rip to start over on 2 circs. I lost the yarn label as well, but I love the yarn I'm using, though it's not a solid color and the pattern gets kind of lost.

Nice job on the solid green. I agree with you. I think the pattern should go down the foot.


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Got to keep the special

Got to keep the special people in our lives happy!!!!!!!!!

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These came out awesome! In

These came out awesome! In fact, I think they are the next pair I'll try. Did you alter your guage to get them a little more roomy? What yarn did you use? I love the color. They look so well done...I'm jealous.

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Well the important thing is

Well the important thing is he loves them and wears them. Nothing worse than all that work being left to sit in a dresser drawer. They look great.

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They look great. I haven't

They look great. I haven't yet tried that pattern - did the hiking socks out of that book but not these. I've only tried sock twice actually - can't seem to get into them. I know some people just go sock crazy and do nothing but... hasn't happened to me. Congrats on a nice pair!!