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Hi Guys,
I'm a new knitter joining this group. A friend taught me to knit in late August of last year. I promptly broke my arm and wrist in September, so needless to say, it was nearly impossible to knit while being in a cast up to my knuckles. Within 30 minutes of being cast-free, I picked up the needles and got busy. I've made a couple pair of these felted slippers. Each row is garter stitch, with some clever origami moves before being felted. Of course, I've also made some simple scarves, and am slowing moving into more complex patterns. I am blown away by the items that you all create! I definitely have caught the yarn and knitting bug, and you are a great source of inspiration for a new knitter!

Pre-felted slippers (yes, they are HUGE!)95.17 KB


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Welcome Nathanael, Oh,

Welcome Nathanael, Oh, those slippers are absolutely gorgeous. And, I don't think I'm stretching it, either. Those slippers are class! Thanks for sharing them. And, two thumbs up for your g-r-e-a-t start with knitting. Great bunch of guys here, too!

Keep it lite and happy!

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Great looking slippers.

Great looking slippers. Only one problem...I hate felting. Even with the newfangled "throw it in the washer" system, I cannot get past the few times I tried traditional methods and spent hours scrubbing away at wet wool to have a mass of fiber that didn't look a thing like the teacher's masterpiece. Come to think of it, I hate washing raw fleece as well. Probably connected, Don't cha think? Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to MWK, those

Welcome to MWK, those slippers look really comfortable. I haven't tried felting yet, but have some projects on the back burner. I look forward to seeing your future creations!

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Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the great comments! I got the pattern from my LYS with a purchase of yarn. I also found it this morning online, so for those of you that are interested:

A few items are missing from the instructions. You will need 4 balls/skeins of yarn. 2 balls/skeins of one color, and 1 ball/skein each of the 2 other colors. (I used 1 cream, 1 black, & 2 brown for the slippers in the photo)

The 1st pair I made I used Crystal Palace Yarns "Aran" with 102 yards per ball. 22 stitches per row made a men's U.S. size 8.5. I had about 5 inches of yarn left upon completion...whew! The 2nd pair I made (in the photo), I used Lion Brand "Wool" with 158 yards per skein. 27 stitches per row made a men's U.S. size 12, but I had to felt it twice...the Lion yarn did not felt as well as Crystal Palace. I didn't have much yarn left over on those either...beginner's luck I suppose!

I definitely recommend making a paper cutout and practicing the folding. The instructions are a little funky, but indeed, they are correct.

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The slippers are awesome! I

The slippers are awesome! I too would like the pattern. Welcome to MWK, it's great to have you aboard.


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Those slippers are cool! I,

Those slippers are cool! I, like may of the others, have yet to venture into the felting world despite my years of knitting. I'd love to try these as my first project if you wouldn't mind sharing the pattern info. Welcome to MWK! Great Job!!!

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Felting... Isn't it great


Isn't it great what a little heat, friction and moisture can do for a guy? I recommend it...great technique.

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Those are awesome. I

Those are awesome. I actually haven't felted anything myself yet, AND you're already doing projects that require seaming. With the speed you're picking up the knitting craze, I would love to see the projects you're making a year from now.

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Those are slippers I would

Those are slippers I would use. Most of the ones I see patterns for, I would never use. Where did you get the pattern ? I have never felted but have wanted totry, this would be a good project. Great color choice and very well done.

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Yeah! Congrads on getting

Yeah! Congrads on getting the cast off! I know THAT pain all too well! Those slippers rock! I add my voice to the call for the pattern resource, please. BE FEARLESS IN YOUR CHOICES! It's only yarn, brother! Knit On!!!

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Welcome to MenWhoKnit!

Welcome to MenWhoKnit!

Great job on the slippers, could you let us know where you go the pattern? It looks different from the ones I've seen before.

Grace and Peace,

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Welcome Nathanael....The

Welcome Nathanael....The slippers are great, and you are ahead of me. I have been knitting for many years but have yet to do some felting. Looking forward to seeing some more of your work!!