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I have spent a good part of this afternoon teaching my younger cousins how to knit
Mike age 15
Marc age 14
and Samantha 12

Mike is doing really well the other 2 not so well but I keep telling them that it takes time and all they need is practice practice practice

I just though that I would share this with everyone


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That's awesome! It's nice to

That's awesome! It's nice to see the younger generation interested in something other than video games & Facebook/Myspace.


Good for you! I've gotten

Good for you! I've gotten my daughter started a couple of times; but, she forgets how to cast on, and the book instructions aren't that good. My grandsons (10 yrs) show an interest; but, they have yet to try to pick up the needles... One of these days.
Good job, good luck and keep on making new knitters.