Working For Free!

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Oh boy, the Governor of Oregon just came out and said that teachers should work ten days for free to help out the State. I have a mental middle finger for our Governor. Please! Why do teachers always end up being asked to take up the b*&t? Oh, wait...because I work with kids, it's really not working at all; so, I don't need to get paid. Ahh....I get it now.


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Wow what a can of worms that

Wow what a can of worms that opened. I really can't believe that the governor would ask for this when all through the campaigning education was in the fore front. Of course I live in Canada but my fellow is a teacher and he works very very hard for his money. His day does not start at the begining of class when his precious students (he loves each of them as if they where his own he is a special needs teacher) arrive nor does it end when the last one leaves at the end of the day. From where I am sitting I would say teachers already do a great deal of work without pay!!!!!!

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Is the governor of Oregon

Is the governor of Oregon going to reciprocate?

"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."

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guys, keep your eyes on the

guys, keep your eyes on the real issue. over the past four decades corporate participation in the state and federal revenue has shrunk to the world's smallest percentage of a countries gdp even while they enjoy all the advantages provided by state and fed like court systems to fight their battles, roads to transport their goods, etc. meanwhile, they with their lucrative and well financed lobbying efforts have perverted the average americans to fight over bones and which citizen should bear the load. i dare them to restore having corporations pay their fair share for the public commons instead of squeezing the middle class and the poor

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Amen to that.

Amen to that. Seriously...teachers are the very last group of people that should be asked to work without pay.

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It always amazes me that the

It always amazes me that the people often making the least are the ones who are asked to take cuts. What about our fat cat politicians taking a cut, or some of our CEO"S. I think the most scandalous thing I have heard was when USAIR asked the employees to take pay cuts, then filed for bankruptcy protection and the next day paid millions in bonuses to the execs. Why have the bankruptcy courts allowed this ? Why haven't they said...oops, your in bamkruptcy, no bonuses, creditors come first.

I asked my daughter, and her

I asked my daughter, and her job is getting dropped because of lack of funding. Her attitude was that if all it took was working for 10 days to continue to get paid, she would rather keep her job and work 10 days.

Seeing how much her family needs the money, and without regard to the overpaid Governor, or any one else getting money who doesn't deserve it. It beats scrabbling around looking for handouts. I think it sucks to have to do that; but, I agree with her that working for 20 days with a 50% pay cut, or 30 days with a 33% pay cut, or two months with a 16% pay cut, or four months with a 8% pay cut, or a year with 2% pay cut (all the same thing BTW) beats being out of work, when you're the one out of work! FWIW. Sorry, hard cold reality doesn't look so bad from a snuggly bed, food and clothes on your back.

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What's the NEA have to say

What's the NEA have to say about this bright idea? Of course, you can always go back to the steamroom and make that guy (of shoutbox fame) an offer ... Just kidding, of course.

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Shudder! "A man may fight

"A man may fight for many things. His country, his friends, his principles, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally, I'd mud-wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of French porn." Blackadder

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I think concessions that are

I think concessions that are set based on crisis such as CA's budget are usually part of the circumstances that drive the states to the financial hole they're in...

I still think that if there was a small internet tax (i know, hush!) it'd help tremendously with the federal problems.... but just like the CA lottery money doesn't seem to be showing up at schools, the internet tax revenue would just get gobbled up by the government machine...

it's times like this that makes me turn on reruns of "Golden Girls" and pull out my knitting!


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Teachers need more

Teachers need more money...not less. The Governor should work for free.

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all public employees in CA have to take 2 days off, no pay, each month because of the governators budget crisis. sucks. how about people who make the most give 10 days pay to state instead