Koolhaas hat

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I've been wanting to make this hat for a long, long time and I'm ready to start. The pattern says 16" for woman's size. Also says to fit a woman (man). Yet the pattern starts out "cast on 104 stitches. No reference to how many for the man's hat. And, most patterns I've seen mention man's size as being 22". My head is 23" (I know, size isn't everything but geez, I'd like the hat to fit).
Anyone who's made this hat, How did you adjust for the man's size? I've looked all over this pattern several times and looked online for any errata or to see if anyone else had this problem and it doesn't look like anyone else has. Did everyone else just make the woman's size? Does the pattern address this question and am I just not seeing it? thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Ok, this is my last comment.

Ok, this is my last comment. Thanks, jwhassjr, for the formula. That's what I needed, to see the logic behind it. And many thanks to all the rest too for the comments. I'm confident that it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

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You're welcome. One last

You're welcome. One last thing I failed to include in my litany of guage speak: for each row repeat you add, you'll have an additional stitch remaining at the end of the decreasing rounds for the crown of the hat. So when you get to round 10 of the crown shaping, if you've cast on 112, you have 14 stitches remaining instead of the 13 listed in the pattern. All of the decreases will work just fine, but if you don't keep in mind that you added stitches to the cast on, you may think you missed a decrease when you end up with "extra" stitches at the end, but as long as you have one extra per row repeat added, you're good to go.

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Thanks! I knew I could count

Thanks! I knew I could count on you all. One more question though....how did you know to add an extra repeat? I read the instructions 3x before I cast on and saw nothing about an extra repeat or casting on X number of extra stitches. Am I just not seeing something that's right there in front of me? And how many stitches constitute an extra repeat? Do I simply add the number of stitches from row 1 of the diagram?

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The difference in the

The difference in the pattern between the mens and womens size as written is only in it's depth, not in it's width. Right after the pattern explains how to change the beginning of the round in Round 6 and 8, there is a part of the pattern where it reads "Work rows 1-8 of chart 4(5) times total". So for the mens size you would work the chart 5 times. IMHO, Jared Flood could have explained some things a tad better in the pattern.

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*grin* The

*grin* The Y-chromoseome/instruction thingie kicking in perhaps?

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The pattern guage as written

The pattern guage as written is about 6 stitches per inch. The pattern repeat for the rows is a multiple of 8 stitches, or 1.3 inches per repeat. Therefore a 23 inch circumference would require approximately 17 repeats. 17 repeats times 8 stitches per repeat would total 136 stitches for your cast on, but it's important to remember that this is essentially a k2, p2 ribbed hat meaning that it will have quite a bit of give, as evidenced by the other comments above. My head is about the same circumference as your's, and I made the hat by casting on an additional 8 stitches (112 total), which will give you a circumference between 18 and 19 inches. The end result was a nice fitting hat that was comfortable and not too snug. I used Cascade 220 for it: one skein is more than enough yarn for it.

Hope this helps. Also if you are skilled at doing cable crosses without a cable needle, it will go much, much faster. Good luck!

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Let me know how it goes as

Let me know how it goes as this hat is my next project, what wool you use, needle size, did you change number of cast on etc. For my self I have a smaller than usual head for a man so off the cuff, with comments made I likely can get away with the ladies size.

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I made the hat recently.

I made the hat recently. You'll want to do the extra repeat for the man's size, but that's the only difference in the pattern. The hat has a LOT of stretch, so my guess is you really shouldn't have to worry about the fit as far as width is concerned.

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The pattern, which I am

The pattern, which I am working currently, is very very stretchy, and the only difference for the men's version is it has one more repeat. I don't forsee a problem with the size, but will say more once I am done.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog What I can tell you is to make a swatch and see how many stitches of the pattern per inch do you make. Personally I have to go up a size or two in needles when I make patterns. I have seen the hat made and it is very misguiding it stretches a lot. The pattern is very cool no pun intended.

This lady in my Monday Knitting group did a swatch before she made the hat, and her swatch was very nice!