clogs before

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these clogs are in tre colors red sole whit bumbers - blue over - and green cuff all in dusted colors LOVE PALLE send you a pic when I get them felted


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I'm loving these and I'm

I'm loving these and I'm anxious to see them all felted up.  Where did you get the pattern?

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Herbie!Good work!  I'm


Good work!  I'm working on a pair now. Finished the first one and am down to the outer sole on the second.  I couldn't wait and felted the first one just yesterday.  It felted to size in just 13 minutes and looked fantastic.  (knitting that sole sucks, doesn't it?)

Cannot wait to see yours felted up.


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yea its not very Easy to

yea its not very Easy to knit the outersole therefore I have make some ajustment in the pattern so i can knit them on to needels all the way - much easyer and then in the end saw them together Palle