What do I do in Atlanta?

I've got a class to teach in Atlanta all next week.

Are there any yarn shops I should visit while I'm there?

Anything else exciting I should make sure to do?


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KNITCH. As an out of towner


As an out of towner - my experience was delightful.

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Always glad to welcome

Always glad to welcome visiting knitters! I absolutely recommend Knitch in the Virginia Highlands area. We have regular knit nights on Thursday and Friday until 8ish and Sunday all day (noon to 6 ish). The people are awesome and very supportive of us Guy Knitters. I also like Needle Nook which is near Emory University and has a knitting group on Wednesdays until 8ish. There are other shops in the Greater ATL area that I don't know personally. Where are you staying/teaching? Will you have a car? Public transportation is not one of our strong suits as a city.

Looking forward to meeting you!

I'll be driving and staying

I'll be driving and staying at a Hampton Inn across from GA Tech, but I'm teaching a law enforcement class near by. You'll have to show me the town then.

I'm seeing mixed reviews about knitch. Some people seem to think the staff is snobby.

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I live in Athens, which is

I live in Athens, which is rather close to Atlanta, but I don't know much about things to do there. I've heard Knitch is a good yarn shop.